Week 34 Pool Result 2019: English Football Pools Betting Results


Week 34 Pool Result

Draws On Coupon

Congrats To All Winners In The House

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  1. ONE BANKER says:

    pls, everybody, go and play 5** . It is a draw. pls, admin allow to go through. This is SUNDAY MATCH. proof: Wk 16_wk 34: Liverpool and Stevenage in family of Wk of play, Liverpool opponent’s first letter will draw and the answer will be in the same family with Leeds to die. So, Fulham vs Chelsea is a draw. Admin, pls, don’t hide this post. thanks

    • Sheriff Noel says:

      Good observation, but my own observation is to play no4. Everton vs Liverpool…

      Reason why I took no4 as my draw if there is, cos in week 16, Stevenage failed as while as Liverpool… But in week 34 Stevenage have picked a draw so will Liverpool…

      Also in week 16, Fulham was at home promoted game up and down… Now in week 34 Fulham will play game up and down for one draw.

      Just an observation from your observation.
      Admin please post this, thanks

    • Osazee says:

      See guy if you don’t know what you are doing please just stop it come here to been giving fake game.

    • Sheriff Noel says:

      @Osaze whenever someone post a game here always find time to observe the game either through record or paper b4 you put your dime… If you see my observation when I saw the post, it gave me confidence to play no4. That is why there is proof to every number.

  2. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    Let me use this space to apologize to all that used my game in week 34 blue,A very disastrous and promoters week.

    Please brace up,We can never remain where We fell.

    More time to forecast now,Week 35,winning is sure.

    Sincere Apology once more.

    Congratulations to other forecasters that made it.

  3. Godson says:

    It’s like I’m the only one that won with Aniete’s game…solid 4/5 and 3/3… wow, I can’t believe this.
    My reward coming soon👌


    Sincere apology to my failed game,IT IS WELL


    sincere apology to my failed game IT IS WELL

  6. Big Sunny says:

    Wow!!! What a beautiful week

    Banker 27xxx for 3 consecutive weeks

    Discussion room
    NAP 25**26**27 (3/3)
    In a week of 10-12 draws

    WL = 2f, 21f, 22x,25x,26x,27x (4/6 as predicted with proves) Check discussion room

    Congrats to those that played!

  7. SAMFOL says:

    The most anticipated banker no 49 failed. Beyond my imagination. Kindly accept my sincere apology to all of u that paid. Am with ur gsm no. Very soon u will hear from me. Am deeply sorry for the 2/5 that came out.

    • Humble david says:

      when i called ur attention with my simple observation that 49 repeating twice must be in family of 2 ie 2 and 12 but u canter me instead of recheck and study my observation.

      pool is not a game to knw all.

      admin allow this to go through cause you always disapprove my comment

  8. Prinsco says:

    Let someone pls check if
    @livinus who swore with his life that 10&48 must draw, is still alive

  9. Prinsco says:

    pls bro save ur money bcs fulham v Chelsea is a capital cannot, their obituary will get me 50k come tomorrow. Is a live cannot

  10. Okemefuna says:

    Like I said earlier dt there would be 11 draws on coupon ds wk, if eventually none of d 3 Sunday games produces a draw, then go and empty ur account on coupon no. 19 on Monday. Ds wk 34 is a very bad wk to many, I must confess. But we must continue to do wot we are doing in a more logical way.

  11. Mr prince draws says:

    @One banker after analyzing your prove for no:5,I come to a conclusion that no:4 will play the draw thanks

  12. OLA OLU says:

    Wow 14ff 25xxx 26xxx why
    14 spoil the show in discussion
    room its well

    • God'sfavour Adam says:

      Bros check dead room, 14fffffff was a time bomb waiting to wreck people’s finances! Pool is too deep and wide. I had over 5 proofs for it to draw but only 1 proof showing that it was an EBOLA! admin allow PLS.

  13. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    Congratulations Aniete,You did a very beautiful forecast.What a wonderful observation.

    Pool is information,You hit when the info is on your finger tip.

    Solutiontipster is one of the best pool blog in the world.

  14. Iyke says:

    Don’t waste your money on Sunday matches all will wash. Play xx19xx full time draw on Monday.
    Week 22 Reading vs Sheff Utd @17 ff
    Sheff weds vs Rotherham xx18xx.
    Week 33
    Final DOP 2(4) Liverpool @4away .
    Reading vs Rotherham xx12xx
    Week 34
    Final DOP “4” Liverpool @No 4 away. Sheff Wed vs Sheff Utd FT 1-1…
    That’s my observation. After all in week 24 it was Bristol C @xx12xx away while Sheff utd @xx14xx. This week Bristol C @xx17xx remaining Sheff utd @xx19xx

  15. Great12 says:

    Good morning and happy Sunday to everyone,,,, I want to commend tipsters for their efforts,,, pool is all about proper observation,,,,, #14 was really a popular digit but I told Tipsters dat it’s a dead game,,,, for all dat lost during ,,, stake ,,,WATFORD VS LIECESTER XXXX( full time draw) it’s a must,,,, appreciate thru Admin to get two direct bankers this week 35,,,,,,,,,,

  16. Great12 says:

    Watford vs Leicester,,,, tip:fulltime draw,,, tnx

  17. Okemefuna says:

    xx05xx(2:2 FT). ff04ff(0:1 FT).

  18. Okemefuna says:

    xx05xx(2:2 FT). ff04ff(0:1 FT). But if none of them draws, then I still maintain dt 19?? must draw on Monday.

  19. P.boy says:

    Pls I got 3/7 for commission,i played it 100 per line,how much wil be my pay if d draws remain lik diz?.pls answer.000

  20. Praizy boy says:

    How much wil i get if d draws remain lik diz,in a win of 3/7, comission play at 100 a line.answer plssh.

  21. buchai says:


  22. SAF_MASTER says:

    It’s official my game played 3/5
    4xx 7xx 23ff 47xx 49xx … God bless us all.
    This week expect 2 unfailing draws .

  23. Patrick ND says:

    How can i trade in this website, what kind of trade is this site. How one know when he wins
    I need an example of the lottery

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