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Behold fellow gambler, you stick to this and you are good to go. Gambling is a current trend in the 21st Century, you can’t be left out. Basket ball is one of the best avenues you can ever choose on. Trust me, it all depends on proper analysis, but remember everyone has a fear of loss but today you got the ultimate solution.

The ABCDE of effective gambling

Avoid greed- the urge to make quick wealth has become a great enemy, in fact, greed is gambling’s biggest enemy on any particular sport because it leads to irresponsible gambling.

Be Disciplined – Gambling as either source of income or for fun needs discipline as a basic part of it. It is best to have a common stake amount, a common maximum number of bets you wish to place. You should avoid adding more bets that were initially not planed at that time when you want to bet.

Consider to avoid friendlies-  Friendly matches in all forms of sport are always tricky as players don’t use their best of ability, it is used as a test for players too and is therefore risky.

Don’t bet on money not worth losing- Betting on what you are you are unwilling to lose isn’t advisable, it is a top contributor to irresponsible betting

Evaluate properly- Do proper analysis based on statistics of previous results. Previous results on comparison of two playing teams on head to head basis and also comparison with other teams is basic

How to go about basketball betting


Choose a popular league for basketball which is easier to understand with a common trend. Ensure proper understanding of the league as at team by team level. Head to head statistics and comparison with other teams can be used to determine probability of a team winning.

You should do early analysis to avoid last minute gambling mistakes

Game winner

This is the easiest betting option on basket ball. Once you have determined an expected  match winner, check on the period in which they have the most scores, If its early enough you can bet on them as match winner without extra time, if its usually on last minutes bet on match winner with extra time. Remember if a team usually scores during the last minutes it is a risky one.

Scores (under and over)

Based on previous statistics determine the average scores of the better team and bet using that average. You can also use the sum  of average scores of both teams.

The underdogs

Betting on games played between an underdog team and a fairly well performaning team is a good tip. There is a higher probability of winning but however such odds are usually low but safe and profitable


Player changes and health

This is among the most important factor to consider, check if the scorers of previous matches are available and in good health. Incase of absence of the players or poor healths avoid such bets.

Betting on favorites

Betting on favorite teams is not advisable since you won’t be able to focus on the basis of appropriate analysis but otherwise on your wishes and not actual expectations of the match. Betting on favorite is therefore a risk

This sums up to the best way of betting in basketball. Now its time to go make gambling a fun. Enjoy gambling on basketball, you are good to go.

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