Football Betting Guideline

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For fans devoted to the sport, American football is a lifestyle. The sport ranks high in the United States, standing tall at number one.  Where there is viewership and fans, there is also money. The stakes are high and billions of dollars do the rounds of the football gambling circuit. In America, you can bet on the Professional (NFL) and collegiate (CFB) football teams. Betting on CFB can be less risky with greater chances of winning but they’re not very lucrative as they have fewer lines.

Knowing how to read the trends and understanding where to place your money can be a little overwhelming at first, but with the right tips, one can easily earn some good money.

Football Betting Lines

When you find a legitimate online sportsbook, one of the first things that you will see are the lines.  Although they are fairly easy to figure out once you’re more familiar with them, initially, these lines can be very daunting.

  • The Over-Under Line –  In order to win on this line you need to select the right side of over or under.


  • Points Spread – This can be quite tricky to read as the lines are created to induce action on both sides. In most cases, it is advisable to bet against a big favorite.


  • The Moneyline and Straight Bet – There is not much to differentiate one from the other.  You simply pick a team to win or lose without any spread or O/U.  You only need to win by a single point here and not a spread or predetermined points.


Strategies to guide you

Read what the experts say

Today information is at our fingertips unlike before. One just needs to Google any term and a list of numerous options will pop up. For a first timer, it’s always best to read what the experts say. Don’t try and read everything that is out there though, just read enough to educate yourself on the best betting options.

Have a mock drill

Before you actually put your money on the table so to speak, have a mock drill to gauge how much you understand of the world of football betting. Place mock bets when watching an NFL game. The lines and games can be easily copy-pasted for a mock mark up. By the end of this short drill, you’ll know if you need to repeat the exercise before you actually put your money down.

If you feel that it did not go as well the first time, repeat the exercise by adjusting your line play. This will help you find bets which you can comfortably handle. Analyze your mock results and try to alter your strategy accordingly. When you build your own strategy instead of using only suggested methods, you’ll realize that understanding the betting process becomes easier.

Do your research well

Tune in to ESPN and the NFL Network and check out the picks by former players. Also, find out which teams have injured players or which players have been playing extremely over the past few seasons. When you know football intimately and do your research well you’ll be able to develop your own strategies for betting on football games. You’ll then have the confidence to put real money down and win.

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