Tips on Football betting for more winning than loss

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Betting on anything can be quite risky if you don’t get the correct knowledge, so before you start your betting on any kind of sport it’s good to have the right information so that way you can make well-informed decisions…

To begin with, let’s say that betting on anything it’s a 50-50 game, it’s chance, you got an equal chance of winning and losing, so there’s no magic formula that can assure winning at all time.


With that say, you do have a few options that help you to have an edge on your favor, and the most favorable thing you got on your side it’s your brain, try to analyze the streak of a winning team, try to see against which team they got the more winnings, what was the roster at the moment of victory and also try to check all those factors on your team’s opponent.

Most people would say that betting on sports boils down to three key points:

The roster, the stake, and the odds.

– I already mention it, but the roster it’s important at the time of making your bet. Would you like to bet on a team that has a streak of 10 games losses? Or would you like to consider the team that has been winning on the last five games?

Then again, you would have to analyze the roster of the team and see if the players that made them won are going to be playing at the time and consider that after winning 5 games on a row, even those amazing players might start to feel a little worn out. So, it’s all about luck at the end.


– Then you got to check the stake, this by itself it’s straightforward. The more than you bet, the more than you’ll earn. But equally important the more than you bet, the more than you’ll lose. So, try to keep a good balance and to decide if that $100 you’re about to make, has a decent chance to make you a winner.

– Now we got the odds, and this is pretty straightforward too. And basically, it’s a sum up of all the others factors that we’ve been talking about.


Do you think that you got a good team?

Can they be tired after playing lots of games?

What about their opponents?

They’ve been winning lately?

We can make a very long list about possible factors that might affect your bet but being totally honest, there’s no a magic trick to make you a winner and at the end, it all depends on how lucky you are.

Happy betting!

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