Week 24 Pool RSK Papers 2018: Soccer, Bob Morton, Capital, Winstar, Big Win


Special Advance Fixtures

Right On Fixtures

Soccer Research

Bob Morton

Capital International


Big Win


Happy Forecast and Good Luck

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  1. Man u.c says:

    My man how you dey
    Any hope today

  2. Trish says:

    Able admin rsk papers mbok!

  3. Goodnews Effiong says:

    Am here to give 3/3 for this week 24.

    Nap 21

  4. Papa u.c says:

    My man how far with the Rsk paper

  5. Bigalvin says:

    Admin u re on point… God bless u more n more

  6. Eddybongoze says:

    Nice work admin. Some papers are not clear/ visible. Kindly assist to correct them. Thanks.

  7. Mr Donatus Okolie says:

    Good Evening, Is Me Mr Donatus Okolie I Posted 4/22 As A Pair For Wk. 23 This Wk.24 Is 2/48 When It Is Four Weeks, Then I Will Start To Prove It. And Pain Is These I Have Tried To Register With U, But It Wasn’t Through. I Was Told To Change My WordPress Account Password, By The Time I Tried, To Open The Said Account. They Did Not Approve It, For So I To Forget It. So I Can Not Remenber It For Now. Thanks.

  8. okeysammydon2@gmail.com says:

    my undisputed pair for 1/2 is 21p23.. pls all man should use it bcos it must produce one at least. pls admin post. this is my first time.

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