Week 22 Pool RSK Papers 2018: Soccer, Bob Morton, Capital, Winstar, Big Win

Special Advance Fixtures

Right On Fixtures

Soccer Research

Bob Morton

Capital International


Big Win

Week  22 Pool RSK Papers

Happy Forecast

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  1. Papa u.c says:

    Admin is Rsk going to be ready today??

  2. Cindy says:

    Good morning Admin
    I appreciate ur good work, may God bless u for that .hope week 22 paper will be pasted as usual?

  3. CR7 says:

    Good morning to you dear admin, RSK papers for week 22 needed please help out thanks.

  4. Emmanuel says:

    Admin abeg abeg, bikonu, we need rsk paper pls

  5. Wolex says:

    Good day fellow tipster. Sdmin i salute Sir. Check ur capital int. Front page. When ever u see no 44 placed at the try column. Mark the game at cannot. Which is no 38XXX this wk22. Ref. Current season.

  6. KSTAR says:

    Good day all,

    Let’s congratulate ourself in advance for the long awaited system of Capital setting of MORECAMBE that set this week 22 to give us our best CHRISTMAS BONUS.


    Proof: Check front page of Capital rsk paper for appearance of MORECAMBE under the CANNOT DRAW as positioned this week, when set like this, pick the two nos with rated “X” on “draw are most likely @” on same front page and pick nos @ banker box on page 2 for ur complete nap.

    Friends, I don’t have to go to NAP mkt before you take me serious .
    I hope to put smile on people face this week by HIS Grace.

    Ref: wk 13 2013 10xx45xx10xx
    Wk15 2015 2xx25xx10xx
    Wk33 2017 10xx13xx33xx
    Wk22 2018 13??47??22??
    Play responsibly and appreciate thru Admin.



  7. Dpibim says:

    admin pls i want to know what happened to the banker room, i lost my phone so i have check since. Thank u

  8. Mj says:

    Dr hook I can’t find you in nap market, so where did you sale your game?

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