Football Matched Betting Explained

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A technique used by bettors to make a profit from free bets and incentives as offered by bookmakers. It is a risk-free application based statistical approach rather than a game of chance. Bookmakers, to gain more customers use this approach, the idea is that bettors must first place a ‘’qualifying bet’’ using their fund before given the free bet in the form of credit. It is seen as hoop jump phase where you want to make a little loss as possible. Achieving this ‘’hoop jump’’ requires you place a back bet, and the same time cancel it out using lap bet on the same bookmaker. Not all bookmakers render this service.


To make profits from the free bet, you need to place the free bet (back bet) at the betting exchange and use your betting exchange account to place the lay bet same time. No matter the outcome, there will always be guaranteed profit because the back bet is free of charges. Sounds confusing right? If you are a newbie. I will discuss a detailed explanation below.


Two main terms, you need to be used to are Lay bet’’ and ‘‘Back bet’’. For the benefits of newbies lay bet is betting against an outcome by accepting bets on it.

The two bet placed cancel out. Meaning, you are at breakeven, no loss no win. This does not help you to achieve your goal, which is to make a profit. Achieving this the free bet offered by your bookmaker is matched against your actual money. The gains are the free bet used because it is a free money offered by your betting exchange.


The process involves online betting, and thousands of people, in the United Kingdom, are making money from it as side income. Trying it is worth it if you ask me. The premise requires you to sign up to the bookmakers that offer the services, two betting exchange, in this case, one for lay bets and the other for back bets, do not forget they can be used interchangeably. Regardless, the outcome your profit is guaranteed from either exchange. You might wonder, why bookmakers allow this services they cannot do anything about it, it is legal and specified in the terms and conditions.


It is possible to do matched betting without the need for matched betting services. Not using this software will practically mean you will need a step-by-step guide. Using Accumulator service will make you do more.

Matched betting is popular in the UK and a lot of bookmakers render the services such Betfair, Betfred, betBright, and a host of other as a way to encourage a potential customers to bet and the amount varies among exchanges ranging $5 to $40.

You can try it out as a way of making a side income, but be well grounded in its applications before sign up.

Be a responsible gambler my advice though.

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