The English sell the football symbol!

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British newspapers have published several reports of the sale of Wembley Stadium to Pakistan billionaire Shahid Khan, owner of Fulham, for about $ 1 billion and $ 393 million. The Wembley Stadium is owned by the Football Association and is managed by Wembley National Stadium. The deal was approved in principle by the board of directors of the English Football Association and will be presented to the general assembly of the federation on October 11.


Shahid Khan is one of the world’s wealthiest people, ranked No. 217 by Forbes Magazine, and his fortune is estimated at 5.2 billion pounds sterling. Wembley Stadium is England’s football stadium and symbol, founded in 1923, demolished in 2002, rebuilt and opened in 2007. It is the largest stadium in England with a capacity of 90,000 spectators and the second largest stadium in Europe after the 99,000-seat stadium in Barcelona. The sale must be approved by the general assembly of the union.


As well as the approval of the British government and the Minister of Sports, as the government contributed to the reconstruction of Wembley, with 120 million pounds sterling, and the reconstruction cost 798 million pounds sterling.


The details of the deal that Shahid Khan is also the owner of the American football team «Jacksonville Jaguar» and wants to take advantage of the stadium «Wembley» for his team, has been used to the establishment of an annual game for the team in Wembley since 2003. The idea that he believes that the stadium could be A source of income and promotion of the American football team in England and Europe, and generates a large income from the rights of television transport, and believes that the future of the American ball.


Also the terms of the completion of the deal the matches of the English team and the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium. The English Football Federation justifies Wembley’s sale that he will invest the proceeds of selling the stadium to spend on popular football and pump money to upgrade football stadiums in England. The deal is opposed to many football stars in Altera, including former Manchester United player Gary Neville, who believes the federation can compensate for its profits from the deal by imposing new taxes on professional clubs, and on agents who in just one year received 2017 transfers of 211 million fairies.


That’s the story in short. But beyond the story is the idea of ​​investing and spending its revenue on the development of society, in general, and on sport and football in particular. Without slogans that are equal to food, drink, and air as if eaten. The purchaser here is a Pakistani national of origin. He is buying the most important stadium in English football history. And serves as the temple of the ancient game, and owners of more than half of the clubs of the Premier League of foreigners, and of different nationalities, including Arab, Russian, Thai, American, Chinese. Can one day sell Cairo Stadium?


Foreign investment is necessary for industry, in trade, in agriculture, in ports, and in health, in sport as well, but ultimately governed by regulations and rules, and investment is diversified. Starts with the land of the desert plant or build factories, or stores and logistics centers, Existing factories, existing farms, existing ports, and existing clubs. Buying foreigners for English or Italian clubs and others is also an investment. The most important are the rules and laws that guarantee the rights of all parties.

Again do you accept, for example, the sale of Cairo Stadium. And spend the return on the development of the game in various governorates of Egypt? Or do we see England exaggerates in one of its most important features, and that the English sell their country and land and the symbol of football they have?!

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