Week 19 Pool Result 2018: English Football Pools Betting Results

Week 19 Pool Result


Week 19 Pool Result

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Congrats To All Winners In The House

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  1. Firstblessed says:

    Admin plz stop deleting dead room when ever error occurs so people will know who to key on their dead games and also to know the jokers when the need arises as for me I have gotten a right source outside solutions tipster, and biko help me beg some promoters here to put a stop in sending me dead games every week as draw in order to keep me loosing money……tnx as u do.

  2. Baba t man says:

    23 live

  3. Ansa Jonathan says:

    Admin I Hope U Are Ready To Pay Me After Wk20 Result, Wk18> 05xxcbk Wk19> 39xxcbk Wk20> Loading… Trust Me Is Waitin 4 The Admin To Update The Wk20 Banker Room.

  4. Draw Consultant says:

    Admin atleast my pair deliver but my banker fail
    All the people I trusted in their pairs all fail especially ime etang Bob Morton unbeatable pair
    Too bad

  5. SAMFOL says:

    To God be the glory as no 49XXXX PANELLED SCORING DRAW. Congrats to those who make use of. Now for sunday matches in UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE. Go and nap nos 2XXX, 9XXX, 13XXX. It is 3/3. Reason very simple. Scotland no 1 home, Turkey at away. Scotland goes away. Turkey goes home. Mark no 2xx, game on top Turkey to draw. Game no 3 of Special advance treble jinx to come to Hi score quiz box 1. Nap 2XXX, 9XXX, 13XXX.

  6. Uchemorris says:

    Good morning admin l can’t see banker room, discustion room again , please help me to correct it am need of it .

  7. OLA OLU says:

    9 XXXX live any time editor top 2 move to the last game treble jinx 16 and rated O S S mark game 6 of treble jinx 16

  8. Kasey says:

    Go and play 5 and 9 online

  9. foundation911 says:

    since yesterday I have not eaten anything cos of my failure in NAP market am so much sorry to my fans that purchased my game that I sold to them Admin am sorry for that failure am sorry for myself what I bought with a huge amount of money disappoint me .
    am going to do two weeks atonement free five winning line for two weeks, week20,week21 am with all your numbers both foreign and local please bear with me.
    my failure at the nap market overwhelmed my undisputed pair at the banker’s room 39xxxx49xxxxx that came out successful with good proved.
    see you all this week21 pair.

  10. GOLDENGILO says:

    Infact when I see result nowadays,it looks as if I am dreamnt and draws not fixed but not so draws are really fixed but to fish them out is the problem..I tender my unreserved apology to all my fans globally for letting you down for sometimes ago but I will carry out a special task and rebrand my forecasting methods.I promise to offer you sweet juice and put smiles back to your faces starting from week 20..Thank for your mutual understanding

  11. Ansa Jonathan says:

    Am Ready Admin

  12. I wants update of results of all bets scores

  13. KONGE IRE says:

    I don’t understand why we choose wrongly repeatedly these days, pool is truly spiritual. I am already working on overcoming my selection issues spiritually too bcos its alarming how I ignored a 4/6 forecast for a key from third party. I promise to redeem my image in this week coming week20 and 21. Better days ahead, quitters don’t win and he who laughs last laughs best!!

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