Week 12 Pool DEAD Games 2018: Pls Prove Your CANNOT Draws Here

Week 12 Pool Dead Games


I appreciate everyone of you who devote time to contribute in this community. Solutiontipster family is grateful to you.

It’s unfortunate how majority of the CANNOT draws we post here end up among the draws of the week. Please, we should not relent.

…but, we also contribute largely to our problem.

Instead of posting 10 dead games that end up producing two draws, why not post just two or three games that result to 0/3? I believe people will appreciate you more. Right?

And to the viewers, see; you cannot have everything on a platter of gold. Try and study every proof you see here before deciding whether to abandon the number or not. If you’re not convinced, simply skip the comment without causing nuisance. Be aware that admin do not approve comments countering any posted dead game.

It is well.

NOTE – You must attach a proof to any dead game you post, else your comment will not be approved. This is a compulsory demand. We don’t want everyone to litter here with plate numbers. Post only dead games with concrete proof so that anyone that has it as banker may decide to either play or leave it.

Hopeful, you understand?

TWO – This thread is strictly for cannot draws, if you’re not comfortable with the comments, help yourself and abstain from visiting it.

Kindly go on and post your week 12 pool dead games now..


IMPORTANT NOTICE – Scammers are on rampage in this blog. Anyone that post an advert (especially those ones that sneak into banker or discussion room to post indirect advert). If you contact them and they demand for payment, tell the person that you will deposit into the admins bank account.. If the game wins he’ll have his money, else admin will refund you. If the person refuse, Run!!! I won ‘t respond to any text from anyone complaining of how he was scammed here. Peace.

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  1. Bonafide Staunch Manchi says:

    WEEK 12: 26ff, why
    ROUND 1…
    wk 10:
    Bradford C 0 vs Charlton 2 ff
    Luton 1 vs Bristol C 0 ff
    Plymouth 0 vs Blackpool 1 ff
    wk 9:
    Blackpool 3 vs Bradford C 2 ff
    Bristol R 0 vs Plymouth 0 xx
    wk 11:
    Blackpool 0 vs Luton 0 xx
    Charlton 2 vs Plymouth 1 ff
    ROUND 2(colour to colour)…
    wk 10 BLUE:
    Peterboro 1 vs Portsmouth 2 ff
    Plymouth 0 vs Blackpool 1 ff
    Walsall 1 vs Doncaster 4 ff
    wk 8 PURPLE:
    Portsmouth 3 vs Plymouth 0 ff
    Walsall 0 vs Blackpool 0 xx
    now wk 12:
    Peterboro vs Blackpool @ 26?
    Plymouth vs Doncaster @ 27?
    N/B: 26ff Away Win.

    • 21ff & 31ff, why?
      Ipswich vs Blackburn xx
      Hull vs Aston V ff (off coupon)
      Hull vs Blackburn ff
      Ipswich vs Aston V ff
      Blackburn vs Aston V xx
      Hull vs Ipswich ff
      in a similar twist,
      Southend vs Bradford C ff
      Wycombe vs Bristol R ff
      Bradford C vs Wycombe ff
      Bristol R vs Southend ff
      now Wk12:
      Bradford C vs Bristol R @ 21?
      Wycombe vs Southend @ 31?
      Observe and Decide.

      • JOLLOF says:

        week6 ipswich vs aston v 1:1.where you get ur own?

        • Bonafide Staunch Manchi says:

          @ jollof…that is a typo. See the correction.
          21ff & 31ff, why?
          Ipswich vs Blackburn xx
          Hull vs Aston V ff (off coupon)
          Hull vs Blackburn ff
          Ipswich vs Aston V xx
          Blackburn vs Aston V xx
          Hull vs Ipswich ff
          in a similar twist,
          Southend vs Bradford C ff
          Wycombe vs Bristol R ff
          Bradford C vs Wycombe ff
          Bristol R vs Southend ff
          now Wk12:
          Bradford C vs Bristol R @ 21?
          Wycombe vs Southend @ 31?
          Observe and Decide.

      • Bonafide Staunch Manchi says:

        Wk 12: the last shot from me
        41ff, why?
        Wk 11:
        Crewe vs Port Vale ff
        Exeter vs Cheltenham ff
        Northampton vs Nott Co xx
        Wk 10:
        Crewe vs Cheltenham xx
        Port Vale vs Northampton ff
        now Wk 12:
        Notts Co vs Crewe @ 41? ff
        Port Vale vs Exeter @ 42? xx
        N/B: use 21 26 31 41 with caution this week as possible draws. Meanwhile, 2 25 42 made up my dependable NAP for this week as posted in the bankers forum. Observe and Decide.

  2. SAMFOL says:

    Becareful with these nos. The earlier u dropped them the better it is. Nos 9FF, 12FF, 31FF. I always appear here on occasional basis. Reasons: for 9 Ipswich draw at home than at away, check from wk 4. For no 12, Brentford on week no is a dead match, check last week 11. For no 31. Wycombe @ home 31 dead match also it is a SWAPPING MATCH by Pools telegraph. Cannot ressurect, no any astral system can make it to ressurect. RUN AWAY FOR NOS 9ff, 12ff, 31ff

  3. fabolous says:

    advanced opponent of Southend to Draw with Portsmouth then later fail week 10 Shrewsbury vs Southend ffff week 9 Portsmouth vs Shrewsbury xxxx…week 12 Wycombe vs Southend @31fff week 11 Portsmouth vs Wycombe @30xxx.. ocheman please run away from 31 it won’t draw and focus on ur paper draw.if na record na we know how to follow them.

  4. Patrick knight says:

    12fff Cardiff position last season week 12 to fail this week,
    36ff game 11 of bob Morton fabulous 16
    Carrying question mark failed since last season

  5. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    WEEK 12 23FF 15FF

  6. GENUWINE says:

    6FF: Man City vs Brighton (Home Win)
    Appearance of Premier League team on the “Five Odds Nos” Column @ the bottom right of Soccer Research is Dead Meat.

    9FF: Birmingham vs Ipswich (Home win)
    24FF: Fleetwood vs Barnsley (any side win)
    49FF: St. Mirren vs Hibernian (any side win)
    Check Discussion Room For Proof.

    36FF: Grimsby vs Morecambe (any side win)
    46FF: Hearts vs St. J’stone (any side win)
    Appearance of family numbers in the Column next to “This week Selection” in Soccer Research 3rd Page to die since WK 8

    39FF: Milton K vs Tranmere (any side win)
    The three missing matches @ the back of BOB MORTON
    WK 8 (9,11,20FF)
    WK 9 (17,20FF,26)

    WK 11 (7,22,39FF)
    WK 12 (8, 39FF,40)

    37FF: Macclesfield vs Forest Green (any side win)
    Forest Green has been drawing the Opponent of Morecambe in two weeks time, but a week’s time is Dead Meat.
    WK 5: Forest G Vs Oldham xx
    WK 7: Morecambe vs Oldham FF

    WK 6: Bury vs Forest G xx
    WK 8: Bury vs Morecambe FF

    WK 7: Forest G Vs Swindon xx
    WK 9: Morecambe vs Swindon FF

    WK 10: Crawley vs Morecambe FF
    WK 11: Forest G Vs Crawley 38FF

    WK 11: Morecambe vs Macclesfield FF
    WK 12: Macclesfield vs Forest G 37FF

    49FF: St. Mirren vs Hibernian (any side)
    Last draw in last season to fail this season in corresponding weeks. WK 4 2017-WK 4 2018…….etc.

  7. Kelvin compiler Reagan says:

    Week 12 cannot is coupon number fff6fff this game is cannot based on team strength. Man city must win Brighton. So pls beware of ff6ff

  8. Miles47 says:

    6FF and 49FF
    Prof 1: any no carrying 1% in soccer 1.x.2 ratings is a dead game since wk4 dis current season! dis week12 game 6 =1%…. prof 2: why any no carrying it self as % also is a dead meat since last season, dis wk12 no 49=49%. Wk11 no 22=22%, wk10 no 2=2%… an so on. Greetings my potential admin.

  9. PROPHET IS BACK says:

    Week no plus 4 is a dead no since week4.

    Week4 = 4+4 = 8f
    Week5 = 5+4 =9f
    Week6 = 6+4 =10f
    Week7 = 7+4 =11f
    Week8 = 8+4 =12f
    Week9 = 9+4 =13f
    Week10 = 10+4 =14f
    Week11 = 11+4 =15f
    Week12 = 12+4 =16f

  10. pOsH says:

    FF31FF save your money

    Portsmouth vs Shrewsbury @24XX
    Shrewsbury vs Southend @30FF

    Portsmouth vs Wycombe @30XX
    Wycombe vs Southend @31FF

  11. echies says:

    Last wk was 22ff and 29ff. this week is 27ff and 31ff so beware of these games [ 9.27 and 31] for number 9 prof. ipswich ontop of leeds in odd week @ home is to play ipswich then to fail d following week @ away. for 27 and 31 positn of scontop and shresbry in wk 12 to fail in week 11.

  12. Big Sunny says:

    Let the killings continue…. Goldengilo please you are needed here.

  13. Firstblessed says:

    Confusion everywhere God help me, killing 27? When someone had vowed to stop posting in the blog if anything happens to 27!!! I think the best thing is to try Ime Etang’s game.

    • Big Sunny says:

      Hahahaha! Are you new? My little advice is that you need to go through the posts and check which proof you are comfortable with and then make use of the game.

      You should also note that there’s no amount of claim that can resurrect a dead game and on the other hand, there’s no amount of claim that can kill a live banker.

      We have before now seen those that vowed with so many things yet their games failed. We have also seen so much games killed here yet they become live banker.

      The day you start killing games is the day you will start winning.

  14. Migos says:

    After days of proofing records for draws and I saw this page.? I am heading to my beer joint because I am done with pool for this week. All my draws have been killed here.

    • Bonafide Staunch Manchi says:

      @ migos… you can stake your games both ways then. As draw and cannot draw. Lolz

      • fabolous says:

        from your analysis 21fff,31fff because they did not draw at all from the beginning

        • Bonafide Staunch Manchi says:

          @ fabolous… if you have either of 21 or 31 as draw go ahead and use it, if you are not convinced by the observation i shared. No qualms!

  15. Miles47 says:


    Prof: Capital ? Pairs to move to bob morton CODED LIST ‘B’ which is 24 ontop of 18. Now move the down which is 18 to compilers competition pair ‘A’ } BOB MORGAN to rest in peace (R.I.P)!…….. WHY xxx24xxx will move to meat me for a life banker.
    Ref: current season…..

    wk7—= 36ff pair xx46xx
    Wk9–= 3ff pair xx27xx
    Wk11= 44ff pair xx5xx
    WK12= 18ff pair xx24xx

    Enjoy rsk while it last the season is still fresh. Much respect my able admin.

    • stoney says:

      the same capital killed 24, at the middle page of capital week 12 you see numbers in a box at you right hand close to the cartoon 24 is not supposed to be in that box is please is a dead meat…24fff

      • Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

        RSKs will end up demystifying some pple if you dont know how to follow it.The one they kill with a popular movement,most times end up playing.
        This is why my friend lost almost 50k on one useless RSK movement giving him 4/4 draws.
        He ended up telling me that even RSKs dont know draws,and I cant stop laughing.

        They knew,but they are very tricky.So lets apply wisdom.

  16. GOLDENGILO says:

    @Big Sunny,just passing bye when I read your comments.Only fews know the value of killing games but all what they needed is draw draw draw and they end up playing Playing plate numbers as Cannot.
    This week stay clear away from 43,if they play 48 draws,it will not be counted among
    Week 9 Oldham vs Newportco fff
    Week 10 Newport co vs Yeovil fff
    Week 11 Yeovil vs Swindon fff
    Week 12 Swindon vs Oldham ffff
    100 percent dead and buried

  17. ELBEE says:

    26ff 27ff 28fff proof for 26ff & 27ff since the season Wednesday & Thursday was for 1.. but started failling from week 10….As for 28fff check it ursef plus away team first and last letter on top the last bar..ie O+M=28fff.
    Note its been playing but fff since week 10

  18. Gerryman says:

    Have u forgotten my killing post i posted wks backs.??

    WK 04 O= 15Ff
    WK 05 R= 18Ff
    Wk 06 B= 02Ff
    Wk 07 S= 19Ff
    Wk 08 E= 05Ff
    Wk 09 L= 12Ff
    Wk 10 D= 04Ff
    Wk 11 D= 04Ff
    Wk 12 I = 09Ff
    Wk 13 M= 13Ff

    Wk 12=09FF :::DONT DOUBT IT

  19. Patrick knight says:

    43ff game 3 of bob Morton fabulous 16 rated BET hasn’t drawn since last season….
    38ff game 9 of bob Morton fabulous 16 carrying xxxxx hasn’t drawn since last season…

  20. Pool is fixed says:

    People do want to learn.they learn the hard way.yes,no body has the mönopoly of pool draw,but one can dictate the taste of draw.1ff 31ff(ochmann my brother run)41ff 43ff 11f 22f.

  21. When u prove ur dead games please don’t assume u know it all . they played 16draws and someone was saying even if is 48draws a digit will not play even when u are not a member of pool board. Please apply caution when killing a digit let’s not kill with pride. Thanks

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