Week 10 Champions List 2018: SolutionTipster Hall Of Fame

Week 10 Pools Champions

SolutionTipster Hall Of Fame Update

Special thanks to all who strive to post great games on weekly basis for our collective use in this website. I honestly appreciate you all.

the week was absolutely tough.. but

…as usual, some proved to be masters in the game and came out in flying colors.


pools champions

Banker Masters……

  1. Akpan Akpan Etuk with 15xx – Cool proof
  2. Iyke with 34cbk – we are proud of you bro
  3. Chikago with 10cbk – Apt!!
  4. Humble David with 25cbk – Boom!!
  5. DON with 32cbk – Nice job
  6. Aunty with 10cbk – YESS!
  7. Austin3:16 with 20cbk – Authority
  8. Nicenear with 10cbk – thanks sir
  9. Ochmann with 10cbk – Excellent
  10. Prof Chima with 19cbk – Godd one sir
  11. Idiyake David with 34cbk – boom!!

Pair Masters……

  1. GOODLY HERITAGE with 15xx pair 16xx – We thank you sir
  2. Mr GEE with 15xx pair 25xx – perfect finishing sir
  3. Lawrence with 5ff pair 25xx – nice one bro
  4. Foundation911 with 15xx pair 17ff – Awesome
  5. Fesmart Onyeka with 27ff pair 42xx – Nice one chief
  6. India Oscar – two set of proved pairs delivered.. Bravo
  7. JAmes Alone with 4ff pair 10xx – Cool stuff
  8. PERRY K COMPILLER D ORACLE OF CARDIF with 23ff [air 25xx – congrats man
  9. Chimex Quality with 17ff pair 19xx – We are grateful sir
  10. Hon with 34xx pair 35ff – Noted
  11. Chikago with 15xx pair 16ff – nice job
  12. Buddy with 19xx pair 34xx – excellent job
  13. King Jossy with 49xx pair 41ff – Boss
  14. JP with 19xx pair 32xx – Excellent job
  15. criszy with 9xx pair 47ff – thank you
  16. PRAGMATIC SOCIALIST with 32xx pair 33ff – make it 7/8 and i’ll reward with 5000
  17. 2BEN with 20xx pair 34xx – Excellent
  18. GoldenGilo with 45ff pair 49xx – good!

King Of Winning Lines…..

  1. Usung4real with 3/3 NAP – You’re our Hero
  2. kito with 3/3 nap – just like a sneak in Ninja
  3. Jiggasaviola with 3/5 winning line
  4. Lamarf with 2/2 authority

SolutionTipster Reigning Best Player Award Holder




Please if your game played and i committed your name in the list, kindly inform me through comment box so that i can include your name.

Defaulters – Their game delivered but somehow.. was against the rule of the banker room. They worth a mention……..

  1. Jack Ben – Banker and pair delivered but winning line failed
  2. Ime Etang – Pair delivered but no proof
  3. Dmanuel – banker failed and pair delivered
  4. Anietie – banker played but winning line failed
  5. De Humble King -Winning line delivered but more than required
  6. James jen – pair delivered but no proof
  7. Emelakuo -banker delivered but no prroof

If you are wondering why your name appeared in the default list, Please read our posting instructions in the banker room.

We are not under obligation to reward those who appear in the defaulters list.. Thank you

We use this weekly report to keep track of those performing better in the house..

Please if your games have played the number of times  required for you to win our prize. Kindly text me (08174943732). I’ll respond asap.

All The Persons Selling Game Behind The Scene. Please don’t bother asking for the reward. The One you receive secretly is enough. I know you and if you try trick me, it’ll make me even more strict with you.


We immensely appreciate your efforts . Gracias in the highest.

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  1. De humble king says:

    Good evening sir, please in week 09, my winning line deliver and my name was not among the champion list.
    For week 10, my banker 15cbk deliver, my winning line; xx15xx24xx28xx32xx34xx49. Deliver. My pair 10xxp13. Deliver all with proof but my name is not in the champion list again. Do i still continue or stop posting here?

    • See your post in week 10

      De Humble King 5 DAYS AGO ( Edit )
      For xx15cbk, week22 last season millwall at date of play to draw and also current.
      Xx28xx, Week 07, Plymouth v Peterborough faff, Portsmouth draw. Week 08, Portsmouth v Plymouth fff, Peterborough draw. Week 10, Peterborough v Portsmouth, Plymouth is a draw xxx28xx.
      Xx24xx32xx, Week 07, Coventry ontop of Shrewsbury, Coventry to draw the following week Coventry to fail while luton and Shrewsbury for 2 draws = week 08, xx29xx33.
      Week 09, Coventry ontop of Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury to draw the following week Coventry and Oxford for 2 draws
      Week 10, xx24xx32xx. Please note that one of team must meet wycombe ontop of the bar.
      Xx34xx opponent of Exeter in Red to meet crewe at no 34 in Blue.
      10 pair 13, Week 08, Bristol c v Blackburn play 4;1 and Sheff utd v Aston v play 4:1. .
      Week 10, xchange of teams xxx10pairxx13

      1. the number of digits in your winning line is too many
      2. Check your name in defaulter’s list
      3. if you want to avoid stories.. follow the instructions in the banker room…

  2. Iyke says:

    Admin my winning line xx34xx xx42xx ff45ff perm ff6ff xx32xx ie 3/5. And my banker was xx42xx.. Pair xx34xx pair ff35ff. Ndewo

  3. Austin3:16 says:

    I have done as u said earlier….and still did not get a reply ASAP……….

  4. Austin3:16 says:

    2000 naira Received……..sir…….am so grateful…………infact inshort…….twale baba……..

  5. Gideonite says:

    Admin I have not seen my name among week 10 pair champions, Meanwhile, this is what I posted
    “Gideonite 1 WEEK AGO
    I greet u well well Mr. Admin. We are still on Milton K follow up. last week it produced two draws xx38xx/xx39xx. A thorough follow up has discovered that Milton K has been playing itself and a game up as a pair since week 6. Therefore, my week 10 pair is 39 pair 40. Milton K and a game up, must for one draw.” So pls update my name. This is my 3rd week of consecutive winning

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