Week 08 Pools Champions List 2018: Our Hall Of Fame

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Week 08 Pools Champions

SolutionTipster Hall Of Fame Update

Special thanks to all who strive to post great games on weekly basis for our collective use in this website. I honestly appreciate you all.

the week was absolutely tough.. but

…as usual, some proved to be masters in the game and came out in flying colors.


pools champions

Banker Masters…..

  1. SAINT EJ with 29cbk – Nice shot sir
  2. Obiano NAP with 29cbk – Thanks sir
  3. Presidency with 33cbk – nice proof
  4. Phluccii with 22cbk – boom!
  5. Ochmann with 45cbk – Cool stuff
  6. Chris – 29cbk – We appreciate
  7. Austin3:16 with 17cbk – excellent
  8. Newface with 17cbk – Welcome sir
  9. Stalon with 29cbk – thanks chief
  10. Godsfavours Adams with 14cbk – correct!!
  11. X Man with 31cbk – correcct man
  12. Frank Chuks with 22cbk – We bless you
  13. Austin Navas with 33cbk- the proof is worth it
  14. fame flourish with 22cbk – so nice
  15. Prestige with 6cbk and 32cbk – lord of the week

Pair Masters…..

  1. Ime Etang with 14xx pair 19ff – big shot!
  2. Iyke with 27xx pair 28ff – Sweet!!
  3. Lawrence with 14xx pair 34ff – Good to see you here again
  4. JP with 27xx pair 37ff – nice proof sir
  5. Bonafide Staunch Manchi with 29xx pair 33xx – perfect job
  6. Gideonite with 12ff pair 32xx – nice proof sir
  7. Fibonacci with 12ff pair 32xx – thanks chief
  8. Ijebu Master with 22xx pair 31xx – Perfect!
  9. Nigerman with 15xx pair 39ff – Cool stuff
  10. foundation911 with 28ff pair 32xx – nice
  11. Fezzbonn with 32xxx pair 47ff – thanks bro
  12. King Jossy with 12ff pair 14xx – Is well
  13. Ala Owerrie with 13ff pair 14xx – Welcome sir
  14. PRAGMATIC SOCIALIST with 33xx pair 34ff – Thanks bro
  15. Onyeka Fesmart with 6xx pair 32xx – Excellent
  16. Mr GEE with 10xx pair 46ff – Unique
  17. 2BEN with 23ff pair 31xx – Thanks chief
  18. GoldenGilo with 12ff pair 22xx – job well done
  19. BaloRooney Prosper with 32xx pair 44ff – cheers

King Of Winning Lines…..

  1. Bro H (Hennessey) with 3/5 winning line – nice job
  2. ZITO with 4/5 winning line – God bless
  3. Playboy777 with 3/5 winning line – thanks bro
  4. Jiggasaviola with 3/5 winning line – we appreciate
  5. TRISH with 4/6 winning line – we sight you dear

SolutionTipster Reigning Best Player Award Holder



Please if your game played and i committed your name in the list, kindly inform me through comment box so that i can include your name.

Defaulters – Their game delivered but somehow.. was against the rule of the banker room. They worth a mention…….

  1. Prestige – gave two bankers and only one delivered
  2. Hardwood – banker delivered but winning line failed
  3. BACI – banker delivered and pair failed
  4. E.K Anthony – pair delivered but no proof
  5. \idiyake David – banker delivered but winnin
  6. Gerryman – pair delivered but n proof

If you are wondering why your name appeared in the default list, Please read our posting instructions in the banker room.

We are not under obligation to reward those who appear in the defaulters list.. Thank you

We use this weekly report to keep track of those performing better in the house..

Please if your games have played the number of times  required for you to win our prize. Kindly text me (08174943732). I’ll respond asap.

All The Persons Selling Game Behind The Scene. Please don’t bother asking for the reward. The One you receive secretly is enough. I know you and if you try trick me, it’ll make me even more strict with you.


We immensely appreciate your efforts . Gracias in the highest.

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  1. Fesmart - Onyeka says:

    U omitted Fesmart – Onyeka with 6xxpr32xx. Tank u

  2. Idiyake David says:

    I specified my banker 33 seperately b4 adding another two dt failed, pls recheck, tnx!

  3. Good day my able admin
    I have completed four weeks and still hoping to continue on a good note. I hope you received my text message this morning.
    Viewers all our the globe this week has been a mixed feeling as am unable to chose between this beautiful brides.
    3xxxpair7xxx, 22xxxpair32xx, 20xxxpair28xxx, if you know how to extract a nap from a productive pairs then you are a winner with this, by tomorrow evening I will drop my best at the bankers room.
    Committed to serve you better.

  4. Hardwood says:

    14xxx was my banker last week @able admin and it played. Tho my winning line did not play

  5. Ochmann says:

    Pair…25f p xx31xx

  6. Prestige says:


  7. friendly says:

    gud pm my admin, my game deliver but my name is not included, pls do something

  8. friendly says:

    gud pm my admin, my game play but my name is not included, pls do something

  9. my pairs have delivered for 2 weeks now,i have not included in in ur list.plz check nd comfirm properly

  10. ZITO says:

    Admin, a two week consecutive wining streak (wining line) delivered. I,e., wk 07=4/5 and wk08 =3/6. waiting for ur reward to boost my data. Thanks in anticipation.

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