How to bet on any Football team

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Before you start to bet, you have to familiarize yourself with the stats of football teams you wish to place your money on. Get to know these teams very well. This allows you to bet on not just your favorite clubs but also clubs with high possibilities to win their matches.


Betting in football entails various steps which most people find a bit difficult. To bet on any football team is quite easy based on the betting site. The agency provides the odds. It’s all about your choice. Here, I will provide an insight into betting categories you can stake on for every football team.


Match result bet

This is also known as 1X2 betting. All you have to do is predict the game result. A normal football time spans 90 minutes. The ‘1′ indicates the home team wins. ‘X’ means a draw. ‘Two’ is for the visiting team wins. You need to predict if there would be a win for one team or a draw between both. A tournament match might extend to an extra time. Your prediction for a draw still counts. On the other hand, a win in the normal time, as opposed to your prediction, affects your bet.


Under/Over goal bet


Here, the goals in the match are the focus of this type of bet. You have to predict the total numbers of goals in a match. It is a common form of betting. Depending on different betting academies, the odds can rank from 0.5-7.5. For example, Manchester United versus Derby County (2.5) ‘over 2.5 means’ a minimum of three goals while ‘less than 2.5′ is maximum of two goals in the match. The numbers of goals registered in that game determine the bet.


Half/full time

Your prediction is based on whether there would be a win or a draw in each half of the game. Some betting academies also include the numbers of goals in any half of the game.


Score cast/First goal scorer

The first goalscorer is basically the first player to score a goal during a match. These players are mostly strikers or key players in different football teams. They have the high tendency to find the back of the net first. If they start as a substitute your money will be refunded. Most times they fail to score first. This is not easy to predict.

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