How to win when betting on United Kingdom Football

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Here are a few tips on how to win when betting on United Kingdom Football results.


  1. The first thing to do is to get to know the sport you are betting on. The more you know the subject the more informed your betting decisions will be. As they say, knowledge is power. Get to know the league you are betting on, the teams, players and managers, their typical results and win / loss pattern.
  2. Remember that the best team does not always win, but, ignore that, you are betting to make a profit in the medium to long-term, so short-term losses are unimportant.
  3. Open accounts online with multiple bookmakers, that way you can ensure you get the best odds and make use of the best “free bet” offers available.
  4. Remember, this is supposed to be a strategy to make a medium to long-term income, not a major short-term win and medium to long-term loss so, the fewer bets you place the less you are likely to lose. Try and bet, based on your exceptional knowledge of football, on what you think are “sure wins”.
  5. Ignore Odds-on bets offered close to game time if you are betting with “accumulators”. Odds on bets typically dilute the winning pool and can significantly reduce your winnings.
  6. Look for alternative avenues to place your bets, the standard bookies will always look for ways to reduce their risk and minimize your return and therefore their payout to you gets no or low return.
  7. PLEASE, PLEASE, make bets based on your knowledge, not your emotions; bringing emotion to betting is the worst possible method for making money. Have a system, stick to the system and in the medium to long run you could / might make money, especially if you tie your betting to the “matched betting” option where you offset your bets with free bets offered by your bookmaker.
  8. Pick your event. Obviously, if you are a regular bettor you will be aware of the league and or National / International; competitions. The more popular the event the narrower the odds are (i.e. the less you will earn from a bet). So, know your sport, know what betting offers are available and place your bets carefully.
  9. Although this has nothing to do with football, we would suggest selecting less popular sports. The less popular sports attract fewer gamblers and you can get amazing odds for your bets. For example, the difference between betting on a premier league match versus a second or third division team will be enormous. The less popular the bet is the better the odds will be (i.e. the more you could win, the most you could lose is your original bet).

But with gambling, placing bets like share trading, you must be extremely careful, you could lose loads of money as well as potentially creating your ~”retirement fund”.

There is no guarantee that using these methods will generate an income and could quite easily result in large losses.

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