Week 23 Pool RSK Papers 2018: Soccer, Bob Morton, Capital, Winstar, Big Win

Welcome to week 23 pool rsk papers page; click on the images to view more clearly.

Special Advance Fixtures

Right On Fixtures

Soccer Research

Bob Morton

Capital International


Big Win

Happy Forecasting… 

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  1. GY says:

    Good morning Mr admin. Sir with due respect I want to ask what is the main cause for posting the RSK papers late, the first time this occurred you told the house that you traveled and that your laptop is out of reach. Since you continue to have this challenge why not tell the house the due time we can visit the site instead of waisting data check in every hour and nothing is available. I will be great full to see your response. Thanks.

  2. Man u.c says:

    Bros any hope today on Rsk paper?

  3. moneypenney says:

    Admin, the papers cannot be clicked on !

  4. blinks says:

    percentage of 5 is what in soccer research please admin identify and let me know

  5. Bigalvin says:

    Good job admin..

  6. Nwannedede says:

    The number carrying 5% is 24

  7. Big Sunny says:

    Go to Big Win Front Page under Penny Pointer, any number rated 2bk is cannot since season. So be careful of 45 and 47 this week

  8. Nwannedede says:

    @ Big Sunny, Winster not Big Win

  9. Nwannedede says:

    @ Big Suny, remember any time the 2bk is double it forms a pair so 45 pair 47

  10. Daniel says:

    Admin please and please again,I want to make a SUGGESTION: There should be a forum (market) for 1CBK! I as a person prefer to pay thesame N5,000 but let it be only one banker.Better still anyone who wishes to sell game(s) should make a provision for 1CBK and tag his prices…Same (money-back ) rule applies in event of failure!

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