Football betting and pool betting

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Football has always been loved with a close affair with the gambling industry, the sport betting industry is said to worth around £430 billion currently, of which 70% is from football. Thhe English people have liked to  stake on their favorite team, or football pools, and tge rate is even expected to grow in the nearest years.

Football is a game of two teams, each consisting of a goal keeper and ten players, and it betting is done by predicting the possible result of the game between both teams Betting, a contractual agreement between two entities, in which wager is dropped by an entity and the second party affirms to reward the first party greatly for predicting correctly, the outcome of an event.

Betting is prominent among youth of 21st century, it origin can be traced to 3000BC in china where betting on fighting animals was common. Football betting on the other hand involves the action of predicting the outcome of a football match within 90 minutes of play.

Before the 1960s football betting was done in streets and in criminal hidden houses. It was illegal in the UK before there was a reformation in 1960. After its legalization, it was not still a proud act, fully acceptable in the society; as a matter of fact there was no room for public advert placement, as the act was done in a pure black house.

In this present world, football betting is common among football lovers and fans cause of the ease of it accessibility.

In january 17, 1996, intertops.com accepted  the first ever online sports bet. The company enjoyed pioneer benefit for that year. Upon the launching of a betting site by intertops.com,so many other sites were launched in 1996, but only 2(gaming club & intercasino) were most significant in that year. According to this history, football online betting can be traced back to 1996 when the online betting sites were being launched.

Football betting serves as one of the way an individual can earn a living. Football betting can be done online through a betting site or by visiting a betting shop. In online football betting one can either place a bet before the match is being played or place a live bet. A live bet is a bet placed while the game is on. The fate of both players rest on the outcome of the match.

Pool betting is a form of gambling partially related to lottery, two or more gamblers come together to pay a fixed amount into a pool and then predict the outcome of sporting activity.



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