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Whether you know it as “Football” or even if you refer to the worlds most loved game as “Soccer” the passion for the game and atmosphere remains the same, roaring crowds, crazed fans and the representing flags flying high. The stadium rumbling with thuds of suspense as the winning goal is scored, splitting the stadium into half as if someone axed a log for the flame… one team overjoyed and the other left feeling incomplete.

What if you as a fan had more riding on the match than just a loss of passion? More like a wager, that is right we are taking football betting.

Each country has its own jargon and associations to the sport. South Africa the. However, the one common ground all countries have is the huge market for sports betting in football. When we think of sports betting we think of the underground betting scene, I imagine a short Italian Bookie coming to collect my money in a brown paper bag. This same “Bookie” might get me whacked if I cannot pay up. Yet, in fact, each country has a unique betting system, which is widely available on the internet or the local sports bar. These sports bets can pay out as much as R70 000 which is the equivalent to 4700 USD.

Canada is home to the ‘Super Yankee,’ which consists of 26 bets, involving five sections. The bet includes one accumulator, five four folds, ten trebles and ten doubles, with a minimum of two selections needing to prosper to win.

South Africa, however, is simple the bet consists of 6 matches in the league; a winner of all 6 matches must be correctly selected to see a return.

The English betting system is more established, the betting options ultimately stay the same; home, away and draw.

A Full Time

Bet on who will win the match, up to the final whistle. Goals scored in optional time and injury time count towards the score. So, in other words, Liverpool vs Man City if the score at the end of full time is 2-1, then Liverpool (Home) is the winner. If the score at the end of full time is still 0 to both teams, then the draw wins!

Half Time

Bet on the action during the first half. Goals that are scored in optional time and injury time count towards the score.

You can bet on the handicap of the match, the options are Home (-1) Away (+1) Draw,
Liverpool (-1) vs Man City (+1)

Liverpool (-1) = to win the market Liverpool must win the game by more than one Goal (Liverpool l 3-1 or 4-2). Draw equals to win Liverpool must win by only 1 goal (Liverpool 1-0 or Liverpool 2-1)

Man City (+1) = to win the market score must be equal to or be in favor of Man City (0-0 or Man City 0-1)

Punters across the globe combine two passions when betting – love of the game & desire to win. These two passions are the driving force that makes the World of Football betting.

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