Week 14 Pool RSK Papers 2018: Soccer, Bob Morton, Capital International

Week 14 Pool RSK Papers


Special Advance Fixtures


Right On Fixtures


Soccer Research


Bob Morton


Capital International




Big WIn

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  1. Emmanuel says:

    CHAIRMAN we are patiently waiting$$$$

  2. bright saniyo says:

    Keep it up and God bless.

  3. Markokori says:

    Admin, thank for early post of week 14 pool RSK 2018

  4. KSTAR says:

    WK14 : LATE NEWS

    Capital Blue System.
    12 & 21

    Proof; Go to page 3 of Capital where u have series of pairs. The secret is that H. KING pair with a little arithmetic manipulation has been blessing us with 3 DRAWS every Blue.
    This week we have on H. KING column
    ROMANIA (15)
    R – F =12
    23 – 15 =8
    Go to Calpital full list to pick game on Number 8 & 12 for ur fixed two draws.
    Pick the team starting with smaller Alphabet from H. King pair for ur third draw.
    Your winning is guarantee.

  5. Bigalvin says:

    37 and 48

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