Football And Betting History

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Football was the most popular and most playing game in this world. It played all around the world and all countries of this world are the members of FIFA. FIFA is a French name called “Fédération Internationale de Football Association”. In English, it is called as “International Federation of Football Association”. FIFA is the international governing body of the football game.


This game was started around one thousand years before. It’s starting origin, reason to start, rules of the game are unknown, but history told us that people happy to play with their legs as compared to their hands. Football was started to play in England in 1863 under Government Authority. English Football Association makes rules (first time) and imposed them on all football clubs and associations.


In the start of the 20th century, football becomes the most favorite sport in the world. Almost every country becomes the member of FIFA. At that time, the first time betting starts on this game. At first, in this sport, betting is illegal, and betting is done only in criminal areas like houses or streets where they can save them from police.


Due to the strictness of the police department, players of betting systems introduce weekly pools. In this system, the points-based scoring system was used, and a player of the betting system gets points that how close his guesses. In 1902, betting on dog and horse race was officially legal and people enjoy it. The situation becomes more and more worst until 1960. In this year, the Gambling Act was approved by British Government which allows the gambling in football. After this act, betting shops were open all around the country. From that day, football fans start to legally bet on football. In this act, British Government approves betting and it also becomes the part of the gambling industry. This is the most important time for the football fans and Government too. Now, Government supports this industry and also collects taxes from this. The police department is also free from the job to stop the betting on football.


At the start, the betting situation is still not good, there are still a lot of rules are present which control betting. British politicians still try to fail this and try to stop them to become an industry. Due to all rules, no one can open gambling shops in open areas and lighting system is also not good in it. No one can advertise their offers, television is not allowed in gambling stores and no one can see live matches in stores. In 1986, another legislation was approved from parliament which allows the betting shops of the brighter interior, better lighting system, and most important part is that now shops can use televisions to show live matches to their customers.


At the end of the 20th century, the Internet was introduced and at that time gambling industry also starts to use the internet. At that time, online betting operators introduced themselves in the industry and become more popular than the conventional betting industry.


In 2002, Government removes all taxes from the betting industry and now it is a tax-free industry.


Now, betting in football is legal in America, Europe, Australia and some parts of Asia. In 2017, the value of the betting industry is around $750 billion to $1 trillion dollars and its 70% came from only football.

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