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Football and Pools Betting – An Industry Worth Billions of Dollars

Since ancient times, there have been different forms of gambling. It dates back to the Palaeolithic period. It takes many forms; casino games, sports betting, lottery games, etc. The gambling industry is worth billions of dollars. One form of gambling, in particular, has widespread popularity among many others. It involves sports betting. Most often, sports betting are offered either as fixed-odds betting or pool betting.

  • Fixed-odds betting – it involves betting a stake for a fixed amount depending on the available odds.
  • Pools betting – The winnings depends on the stakes amount paid into the pool and determined by dividing the total pool by the numbers of winning tickets.

Football and Pools Betting

Pools betting is undertaken in many different sports events. The most popular involves football pool betting, and racecourse pool betting.

  • Football pool betting – football pools essentially lets people place bets on the results of many different football matches. Generally, the pool necessitate the selection of 10, 11, or 12 games on a coupon. To win, you need to have predicted correctly the outcome of a game or a certain number of games ( depending on the games chosen or mentioned on the coupon).  In most countries, the games found on the coupon range throughout the professional football
  • Pools Betting Generally – As noted earlier, pools betting is undertaken in many different sports events. You’ll also find pool betting in other sports. Racecourse pool betting allows you to share the winnings with other punters. In fact, generally, sports pools are widespread. In modern days, pool betting has become easier with access to the internet.


How Pool Betting Works

The sport event largely dictates the various outcomes that can be chosen on a coupon. In a horse race for example, winning may involve picking the horse that wins the race or it can also be complex requiring a selection of the first three horses, sometimes in order of arrival.


Whereby in racecourses there is only one winner. In football games coupons often have many different games. Each games may result either in a win, a draw, or a loss of the chosen team. You therefore can cover one or more options. It must be noted that the more options you cover, the lower is the winning stake.


The History of Pools Betting

It was in 1923 that Sir John  Moores opened the first pools betting shop, Littlewoods, just outside Manchester United’s Stadium, Old Trafford. After a decade two new competitors, Vernons and Zetters, were to rival Littlewoods as the pools concept gained wide popularity.


In the late 1950’s the first pool collectors came to the seen going door to door to collect coupons. They received a commission as a percentage of  each coupons they sold. This practice still exist even today in some locations of the UK. The football pools throughout the years have become a multimillion dollar industry. Each weeks there are millions of dollars up for grabs. The internet has largely facilitated pools betting allowing for people to bet on a wide range of games from anywhere in the world.

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