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I am glad that a lot of persons welcomed our latest idea to create special page where 5 pair masters will be dropping their pairs weekly.

This page is ideal for people like me who believe winning N10,000 here and there is better than wasting money weekly trying to win millions in one day.

Basically, the games posted in the group is meant to be permed by users for compulsory winning line each week.

For these chosen five pair experts.

  1. Anyone his pair fails to deliver for two consecutive weeks will be dropped while another expert will be promoted to the page.
  2. All must post their game latest Friday night.
  3. Each week, all that their pair delivered receives N2000 each from the admin.

Any user of the site who wish to enjoy these weekly pairs supplied by the experts will pay a N2000 monthly access fee to view them. The money realized will be used to pay the experts whose game delivered weekly.

There’s a saying that “permutation is business while nap is gamble”. We have tried this kind of idea looking for nap via bankers and failed. This time, we’ve to apply business sense; we will go for permutation via pairs.

Like i implied earlier, winning N10,000 here and there is better than betting for millions daily and achieving nothing at the end.

The first three names on my list after several thought are, Estimable, Mr Phillip, 2BEN. Will complete them 5 before end of Friday.

Want to partake in this? Here’s what to do.

Pay the N2000 membership fee, text depositor’s or transferrer and your solutiontipster username to me via 08174943732. Once received, i’ll reply you asap. And upgrade your username to be able to view the page.

Acccount number

First Bank – 3081088800

Name – Igwilo Raphael

The special page will soon be published for all paid users to view.

Kind regards.

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  1. 2BEN says:


  2. Buchai says:


  3. thart says:

    admin,we appreciate your good intention. please don’t allow people to stop your good work you are doing.

    • thart says:

      Admin, i have just sent a mail to your your phone to enable me to access the page for pair. i have done the needful.

  4. AKPOS says:

    Thanks Admin once again I really appreciate your good works by the Grace of God I pray God we show us favour for we to rejoys and pay out tithes to him God bless you

  5. pauloski says:

    @ ADMIN work in progress. 2 more to go. your criterion is a good measure to serve us better. complete the remaining 2 for us. if not available try winning streak of 3 weeks pairs but please lets know their category if it is 4wk or 3 wk winning streak. to enable stakers know how to make use of the pairs. friday is 2morow no more time . try and complete the remaining 2 person afterall if they fail 2x they will be replaced by someone else. [ just a suggestion and not by force] think about it.

  6. Ansa Jothan says:

    This Idea Is Great, Also Creat A Page Of 5 Great Men Bankers To Perm 4 The Wk, So Dat Somebody Can Be Sure Of Winning 2times A Month, Pls Trust Me Admin.

  7. MARKDON says:

    Admin i love dis great ideal of urs bt if 5 people put dia pairs wen u perm dem is 10 games is nt too much atleast aft de hav put de pair nd de no de one to draw de can help us wit it

  8. Ijebu Master says:

    Admin thanks for ur honour. I promise to do my best. Amd where are we going to post the game.

  9. Ehikris says:

    The best idea should be, that let each of the five persons drop a banker or maximum two bankers, such that we may HV between 5 and 10 games weekly to perm from this page. Asking 5 persons s to drop a winning line is as good as nothing, bcos no one will then not know,whoses winning line to play,and u cannot be perming 5 copies from this page alone on weekly basis.

  10. lasy says:

    I so much like yur new idea, i’ll like to av access to view the d new site… Wat do i do?

  11. Daniel James K says:

    God reward your great work, its a good development.

  12. Chris says:

    Admin, you’re a great thinker, thanks alot
    for this great idea,we must continue.

  13. cephas says:

    I believe in United work. let see how promoter will escape this plan.

  14. Fortune says:

    Sir, am a satudent i want to join this group, i will pay my money on monday. After the payment what next?

  15. Fortune says:

    I wil be pay my money on monday, after payment what next?

  16. Primefortress says:

    Admin well done for this initiative it is indeed a welcome development…I just sent a text to you kindly acknowledge thank you

  17. Paul Enoh says:

    Good day sir, should I make transfer?

  18. pls sir how I do d transfer and how much to deposit because am interested. just give me d guide line.thank u

  19. IGNITE ENT says:

    Am honestly short of words, Admin Sir u r indeed a big dreamer nd God Almighty will perfect ur Dreams 4 dis great blog, our last discussion is still very fresh in my heart I.e about d individual support to u to keep dis great blog up nd doing. do not b discourage of lack of fund sometimes, just keep pushing Nd God will surely make ways 4u were deer seems to b no way just like he did 4d children of Israelites wen dey got 2d red sea. Admin I tink it will be more fruitful if d 5 gurus elected drop deir 2best banker reason bcoz pair means 1plays nd d other fails. den d question is how do we separate d live game from d dead game. instead of multiplying our tickets with d 2sure bankers each we can pick and play 1 or 2 copies nd get good winning. think about it Hon. Admin and also I will send across my registration fee. May God See us Through IJN. Amen

  20. pls admin is like I forget the name that I was use , pls can you remind of that thanks.

  21. Admin l have to acknowledge your great idea keep it up. When I make my payment l shall notify you. Bravooo…

  22. Bass says:

    Respect to you Able Admin’,it’s a welcome development

  23. Ernesto says:

    Admin nice work

  24. Uchemorris says:

    am interested

  25. Savadon says:

    Sir pls when is this great idea coming up?

  26. Uchemorris says:

    l have done the nesassary thing please admin how do I view the pair, because when I click l can’t see anything

  27. IGNITE ENT says:

    Unique Admin like I told u, have sent the monthly subscription fee of 2k nd I want to confirm if my registration was accepted by u. I registered with IGNITE ENT as my username wen do we start accessing d expert room.

  28. Ukopkan unah says:

    Greetings to every one in the house

  29. best1979 says:

    am new how can I register to get d pairs weekly

  30. obt says:

    Admin,thanks for this section to help your followers.My suggestion is that you publish the weekly performances of the 5 experts so far for all to see so as to encourage many to join if they are doing fine.

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