Week 39 Pool RSK Paper 2018: Capital, Bob Morton, Soccer Research

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Week 39 Pool RSK Paper


Special Advance Fixture


Week 39 Right On Fixtures


Soccer Research


Capital International


Bob Morton


Week 39 Pool RSK Paper


Happy Forecast

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  1. model says:

    Hi admin, are u not going to upload Special Advanced Fixtures paper for week 39.

  2. model says:

    Special Advanced Fixtures for week 39?

  3. Admin we’re patiently waiting…..

  4. model says:

    Hi admin, pls the special advanced Fixtures paper u uploaded is not clear. Everything is deem

  5. model says:

    Hi admin. I appreciate your efforts. pls I do forecast with Special Advanced Fixtures paper only. Especially the TRIBLE JINX AND SHORT LIST. pls help ua with a clear one. Thank you sir for your understanding and efforts

  6. Gemezu says:

    Admin, U are doing a good Job. Right On Fixtures is been playing one at least from the Pair, Bank On X3X, Game 12 of Compilers X Selection is been playing since Week 35, X3XPX39X. Thanks

  7. Capital treble chance game 1 and bob fullist game 48 carried 3 last week and failed..this week the 3 is been repeated….so confidently mark 3XXX….I already dropped anoda proof of 2ffp3xx in d banker room..cutcee crystal p on top Huddersfield for 3wks…..nothing on earth can fail 3cbk dis week…

  8. Moneypenney says:

    @Admin ,just to inform u cos I have mine ,Special Advance fixtures not Clear @ All .

  9. GY says:

    Pls Admin How Can One Download Special Advance Fixtures, Instead Of Ur Post

  10. model says:

    Good morning admin, pls I am still waiting for u to change the SPECIAL ADVANCE FIXTURE PAPER AS U PROMISED. those side of the paper written TREBLE JINX, EXPERT TRIO, AND SHORT LIST is not visible. if those features are found in naija I would have been disturbing u. pls help Sir it Friday already

  11. dajoyo says:

    @Model probably your system had issues. There is nothing wrong with the advance Fixtures.I used different Laptop and Desktop to view it all are very clear. Sorry for any inconveniences it might have caused you. Thanks to Admin. God bless you abundantly.

  12. No be pasn wey get one banker sabi pool na person wey sabi steal legit info from different posts ..DAT aside….
    Week 30…Bob Morton fullist game 31&32 taken to short list game 1&2 and both taken to soccer back page cannot and dead respectly and both in the family of 1&8…the game at soccer dead will be taken to Bob Morton cannots game 2 away… Bodly use both as pair or better still use the soccer dead…week 30 41ffP48xxxx
    Week 39- 31ffP38xxx…good luck….

  13. DiNNo.TE says:


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