Week 38 Pool RSK Papers 2018: Capital International, Bob Morton, Soccer Research

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Week 38 Pool RSK Papers

Special Advance Fixture


Soccer Research


Capital International


Bob Morton


Week 38 Pool RSK Papers


Happy Forecast

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  1. I belong to Jesus says:

    Week 38 x7x pairs x8x must!!!

  2. Sammies says:

    44 pair 48 must 4 one draw any time 49 chain up d following week repeat it self as draw 44 must die 4 mr44 to draw d folling week & give mr48 last draw on coupon

  3. I belong to Jesus says:

    BONANZA! BONANZA!! BONANZA!!! Week 38 special trio’s x7x x8x x9x must for two draws.

  4. Blu101 says:

    Welcome to wk 38, our key settings of patrick @ 35, albion R @ 45.

    Analysis wk 40 (2016/2017)

    Partick @ 35,

    Albion R @45

    Sheff wed on the bar

    St mirren @ 40 (key pointer) all away

    Hot pair brentford and derby 11XX and 16xx

    Wk 38,
    Partick @ 35,

    Albion R @ 45

    Sheff wed on the bar

    St mirren @ 40 all away

    Hot pair brentford and derby

    11XX pair 16xx

    Plus two bankers

  5. Rsk do it die pairs. 14p 18……..must for 1….game 2&3 of capital treble jinx taken to coded list is a must…..

    2)14p44… Capital bankers at with family no at first n last portion must play 1

    3)game 15&16 of soccer treble chance taken to tips for pools ..must..it has started playing again 29p44……

    Summary…. 14,29 or 18,44…

    Play 14,29,22p23 or 18,44,22p23….

  6. Soccer fullist game 30&31…Bob Morton compkiers completion (turner watsonn..last week was 14p44) c …capital 3 for 2xx back page family number 11p21….must inevitable… I vote 21xxxxx………..how I wish people can put head together and decipher RSk…draws will likely be plenty again dis week…..utilize my pairs….good luck…

  7. Samfol says:

    Mark no 17XXXX As full time draw. Reason in week 5 the banker box of soccer research @ page 3 carries no 17 and transferred to Capital front page. Draws are likely at marked “X” and finally appear at Special Advance Hi score quiz. This week 38 second appearance of no 17 in soccer banker box, appear at capital draws likely at, then settle in Special advance Hi score quiz. Nap no 17XXXX both on pools and online

  8. Engr esisco says:

    Pls smbdy me separate dis game 34 p 35

    • ob-Ibom says:

      it can play two draws. Reff. Week 20. Celtic@digit43, swapping opponent @45 away and heart and hibbernian swapping position diagonally @digits of 5 and 4. Note man united and Fleetwood must be home @5 and 23 respectively.

  9. Ochmann says:

    D marking of game 44-x on advance fixtures..blue only
    ….mark first and third teams of “hot three” as two draws
    EAST FIfE..43

    Ref wk 18

  10. Godwin EZE says:

    2 P 3 .Gam 1 of capital treble chance 16 and gam 1 of Treble chance bankers carrying 3&2 respectively and finally taken to expert‘s guessing games back page, to pair.Ref wk 9 2016/17 season.

  11. Moneypenney says:

    From my Soccer Blue key ,
    Plymouth meeting Letter S to draw only on Blue ,28*
    Winning Line

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