Italian Serie A Outright Betting Tips 2018

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The battle for the title this season is tougher than ever in Italian Serie A. Napoli are doing amazingly well as they won 22 matches while only losing 2 and drawing 3. They currently sit at the top of the table with 69 points which means 2.55 points per game, pretty impressive.

The bad news for Napoli come from Turin: Juventus is just one point behind and have even played a game less! They average 2.61 points per game and are projected to end up with a pretty remarkable total of 99 points.


Our pick to win the League this season is once again Juventus! Napoli plays better and is out of European competitions now. But still, Juventus is more used to play under pressure and win titles, they are more solid and honestly, they have more talent in their lineup.

Plus, a really important factor is that they are still set to play against each other once and that will be in Turin!


Odds for Juventus to win the title are between 1.44 and 1.5 depending on the bookmaker. It is nothing sensational, but we think it is still a good bet.


TOP4 – Champions League Qualification

Top 4 seem pretty much decided as Roma will qualify for Champions League and Lazio, despite the late struggles, seems on the right track as well. Not much to say about this.


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Europa League

The situation is more interesting here. Inter Milan has stack up a nice point lead over Ac Milan and Sampdoria and, despite the fact that they are really struggling now, it seems that they have enough margin to keep their Europa League spot safe. Waiting to know what happens in the National Cup (the winner qualifies to play in Europa League), we will see a battle between Ac Milan and Sampdoria to finish 6th and make it to Europa League Qualification next season.


The Relegation Battle

Benevento is pretty much gone. With 10 points in 26 games they are well behind everyone else.

The rest is pretty chaotic: all teams from Chievo (26 points) to Verona (19 points) are involved in this year’s battle to avoid relegation. It is not easy to predict how this will end but here are the 3 teams that we think will get relegated: Benevento, Spal and Crotone.


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