Week 32 Pool RSK Papers: Capital, Bob Morton, Soccer Research And Special Advance

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Week 32 Pool RSK Papers

Special Advance Record


Soccer X Research


Capital International


Bob Morton

Happy Forecast

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  1. papaya says:

    Make una upload tis paper na

  2. mr.b says:

    Soccer family tree last week parallely at d same side two family no…is for 1…last week 13xxp43ff from my post..this week 8XXp48fff…8cbk……….

    Last week soccer super pairs last page carries B carries family no 7xx37ff…dis week 19p29 must for 1

    Capital 3rd page Bob Morgan last week was 12xxxp42xxx dis week 30p40?????……

    • llyold says:

      That 8 might fail go to capital front page check treble chance 18……no–4…is 8 single digit since the season if u see single digit there is Fail check from week 4 thaonal pair 28/3 for one must

  3. Felix says:

    Last wk my banker played 13cbk then come this week32,go to capital international, editors tips were u see 19 and 40,substract 19 from 40 to give u 21banker and take 19 and 40 as pair#Ref.week31….for me I take 21 and 40 as my full tym draw#admin see to my game.

  4. lukasa says:

    were is baba1 we are waiting for you sir…

    • How could baba 1 banker post when they have colaborate to pursue Gemesu from posting cklerson henry paper? they said it must be rsk. Paper is paper provided it’s bringing bankers.My take

      • Baba 1 time says:

        He can post is regular one banker forum.. Its the admin rules..and its good to stick to rules for sustenence and stability. Hope this answered your question 1 time

  5. Panther says:

    Good morning Admin and all the contributors in the house, I have been following this blog since November last year and I think you guys are doing something fantastic here. Permit me Mr Admin to also make my first contribution believing that it will help bring succour to many that have huge sum in pools. I urge the house to Nap 35,36,43 & 22 and 44 for a possible 5/5.
    I’ll prove the Nap. Anytime time a game with family of three (3) is placed in the “CAN NOT DRAW” box in the front page of Capital, go to the column with “DRAWS ARE MOST LIKELY AT” and add up the two now that carry “X”. This week we have 10X and 13X which gives us 33. To be sure that this Key is set, go to the 3rd page where you have “The Coupon Tips” and count the three “X” in between the teams from bottom up and you find the result of your addition of the two “X”s in this case 33 will fall ON TOP of the Last three “X”. This means the last “X” will fall on game 34, which means your UNMISTAKABLE TWO XXX BANKERS are the 1st two games below the last “X” 35 and 36. Go back then to the “CAN NOT DRAW” box in the front page and pick your 3rd bankers. Good luck all and thanks Mr. Admin for allowing me the privilege to share with others in the house. I remain sincerely yours Panther.

    • Panther says:

      Pls check current week 25 and 31 for your reference.

    • Mekus says:

      Oga panthe according to u calculation on two numbers dat carry X,if u add 10x and 13x it will give us 23 not 33 cross chcek if there’s mistake somewhere, pls thanx for ur understanding.

      • Panther says:

        @Mekus thanks for your observation. I am sorry for the mistake. The two nos that carry X this week 32 are 3X and 30X from where I drew my analogy. So, the correct figure is 33. I am sorry for the mix up. The 10X and 13X was which give us 23 was for last week 31.

  6. Baba 1 time says:

    Once i say Baba all say 1 time. Next week is pure joy. I will be offering a once in a season Key 2/2 draws for online betting then a 100% assured winning from 3 from 4 perm on 4games. There shall be no prove and you must pay to my account before ypu recieve. I will discuss with admin so i can “pay” to him tp be able to have such access. Its not by force as pool remain a gamble. But baba 1 is an expert observer. I will certify the contact before making my own payment for it. Them i must sell before others can get it. For this week i keep to my word. Check your soccer research front page when ever a particular digit appear at the first position of for one x and moves to the first position of perm and end up at the first position of Lucky num. Forget d life of that digit but the digit it shares for one x with is a masters draw Ref week 9,13,22 week 32: 40Xxxx take 1 time. You will still get next week 1 banker for free. I am the i am. Baba 1 time

    • SEGS says:

      Baba 1 time…nice job, pls want u to help me out with something…in WEEK 9 and 13 , The digit that draws what is their position in SOCCER FULL LIST…. like now Week 22 game 20 is 46 on soc x , this week game 30 is 40 on soc x….pls ur reply will be highly welcome

  7. Ochmann says:

    Xxxx5????…..is good from soccer research front page but d system has played several times….proof—first no of “perm” appearing as first no of “lucky nums”, mark third no of lucky nums as draw…5 this wk

  8. Ime etang says:

    My little contribution. In frontpage of Capital International where it is written Draws Are Likely Here, whenever the 1st number starts with 3 or 3x, all the six numbers in the lineup are cannot draw. Am posting just to guide us while choosing our draws. Thanks Admim.

  9. Soccer 2nd page the first game untop percentage wia we have Leeds…it state that when ever the play jersey number is the same with the team under I.e jersey no 9…Leeds 9….pls just confidently mark it as a banker..this is the 2nd time did season…..pls I need someone in pool shop to help me chk from week 4 ..we don’t have a shop via.I remember I didn’t play it in d first setting..information is power…pls some should chk for me. And reply….thanks….9CBK…….

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