3 Evergreen Rules To Win Football Bets Often

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To Win Football Bets Often…. Isn’t As easy as it sounds.


If You Bet Excessively, You will Lose.

If you bet on matches that are of less importance to the teams, you will lose. These matches are predominant in cup and international competitions. 

If you bet often on prestige games that involve two teams of seemingly equal strength, you will lose more. Unless you concentrate on goals market.

If you bet often on novelty markets like first goal scorer, number of corner kicks, e.t.c. you will lose more because you purely base your bets on try your luck.

Why do you think the bookmakers introduced all these different markets ? – because they are very profitable, and detract the punter away from betting 1×2 or over/under goals with just 3 or two possible outcomes – those novelty markets have dozens of different outcomes – ignore them !.

Betting and hoping to win on football (soccer) until quite recently was a forlorn hope.

Many of us can remember the days when you had to have a minimum of 5 selections before the bookmakers would accept your bets.

Anybody who could make football betting pay in those days would be an extremely clever punter and would surely clean up big time today.

But things have changed, now, we have multiple betting opportunities when betting on football and the single bet on each match is allowed.

In a way there is perhaps a little too much betting available on every match played whether on television or not and you can get bogged down in exactly which is the best way to approach your betting options.

There are betting markets on the number of goals,who scores first or last,bookings during match, and so on, and that does not include the hundreds of spread betting and Asian handicap options we get offered for virtually every match anywhere in the world.

As I said it can be overwhelming when deciding what to do – but i am not complaining, and it is a punters paradise compared to the old days.

This article is for football punters who want to win,win regularly and win big.

It is not for punters who watch soccer on television and want a few novelty bets to entertain them during the live game they are about to watch – nothing wrong with that but you will lose for sure in the long run.

Follow these 3 Evergreen Rules To Win Football Bets and improve straight away.

One – When It Come To 1×2, Bet The Home Side Only – Single Bet Is Best

By restricting your football bets to the home side you are loading quite a few factors in your favour.

The home side obviously has the supporters help which can be a great asset in making sure the players strive for success.

Referees, no doubt unconsciously, give more decisions to the home side than the opposition when the crowd are baying for free kicks and penalties every time a tackle is made on their team.

Add to this ground familiarity for the home side, and their opponents tendency to not compete when the going gets tough as the support for them is muted and their lack of effort overlooked – they can hide, whereas the home players will strive till the end before their own fans.

Two – Back Only the favourite Odds With Current Fact/Stat – Single Bet Is Best

Why favourites?.

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