Week 04 UK Football Pools Betting: Cannot Room

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You are highly welcome.

Week 04 UK pools dead games

Kindly post your dead games for the week in this thread using the comment box.

dead games

N.B. You must attach a proof to any dead game you post, else your comment will not be approved. This is a compulsory demand. We don’t want everyone to litter here with numbers. We only need dead games with concrete proof.


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  1. Paschal says:

    3,4,28,32 are dead games. Check BigWin paper; the above numbers are on the frontpage.

    Check, the games only plaid on brown.

  2. LORDBEN says:

    since wk40 2015/16 sun dop has refused to drw 7?
    wk5 2016/17

  3. Nicodemus .N. says:

    whenever dead game from the back of soccer research appeard infront soccer research ‘ meet me at’the following games are dead, Ipswich, North’pton,Falkirk, Blackpool, Ayr utd,check week 10 2015/2016 etc it appead up to 12times last season

    • Paschal says:

      I will suggest you make the numbers available so that people do not crack their heads before understanding the games you are referring to.

      So, your dead games are?

    • Paschal says:

      here are my dead games for the week so far

      Naija dead games: 2, 9.

      Bob morton dead games: 25, 6, 9, 1, 23, 10, 37, 19, 32, 42, 43

      Capital dead games: 43, 17, 18

      Soccer dead games: 17, 43.

      Check the backpage of Bob Morton: Any games with the following ratings have not drawn since Australia 2015/2016 season.
      “Day/May”, “Day/Key”, “Yes/Yes”.

      Also check the rating for the games 1 and 23. It only appeared once during australia season. I will play both games online as “Anybody to win” to be on a safer side; but, if I am to follow what happened the first time, then I will bank on the away team to win at number 1 and the home team to win at game number 23.

      If there are more dead games, I will post them before Friday!!!

  4. Okechukwu Franklin Onyeka says:

    Those of u killing *4* shld be careful.

  5. richie says:

    NICODEMUS , wat do u mean by Naija dead games? Nd please do u really mean ((02))is a dead game? Coz I see dat as draw.

  6. BuchaiName says:

    Peole are not expected to question dead games here,cannot room is the name,u question dead game @ the main blog or better still avoid this room.

  7. Okechukwu Franklin Onyeka says:

    Some of u are just ready to waste some precious draws u have, in d name of posting ‘cannots’.

  8. Okechukwu Franklin Onyeka says:

    Those in d CANNOT ROOM, for ur information, *23* is an unstoppable banker draw. Expect *4* also to draw. Just a guide. Tank u.

  9. Harrison "Leej" edoh says:

    Take it easy forcasters, no one knows where exactly they are.Never the less,expect 24 to draw. 5 or 6,must produce. dont seperate.

  10. Evanny says:

    Admin, Pls I can’t see my post

  11. kuti says:

    Goodday all,i came to fulfil my promise as i said hoping dat God will take us high with this 3/3 which is 4xx8xx37xx goodluck.08038759323 kuti

  12. kingsley says:

    bank 2*10*45* pair 5/37

    my phone is 08069313964

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