MembersShip Group


We are pleased to introduce our premium membership group.

Your monthly payment of N5,000 or $20 gives you access to this group.

What You Stand To Benefit As A Member Of This Group Every Week


We Believe In Giving More Value Than You’ll Ever Pay For. So, here’s how we source our weekend draw matches for you.

Each week, we accept draw bankers from 5 top pool experts who place a bet of  N1,000, N2,000 or N5,000 that their respective bankers must play draw. And we reward each of them with times 5 or 6 of their bet amount once their bankers deliver. For example, if the expert bets N5,000, He will receive N30,000 once the banker plays draw..

You can see, it is not a child’s play. We are out to ensure we get the best for you.

You can as well provide us sure banker draw any week you have one and win big prize which no bookie can afford to pay you.

Here’s How To Register, Pay And  Enjoy The Membership Group(N5, 000 or $20).

Step 1 – Click here to register at the registration page. Enter the required information and click register.

NOTE – Jot down your username and password in order not to forget them.

After a successful registration (make sure it says successful registration), come back to this page and

Step 2 – Click here to pay  for your account upgrade.

For further inquiries.