Week 36 Pool DEAD Games 2019: Pls Prove Your Best CANNOT DRAWS Here

We appreciate everyone of you who devote time to contribute in this community. Solutiontipster family is grateful to you.

It’s unfortunate how majority of the CANNOT draws we post here end up among the draws of the week. Please, we should not relent.

…but, we also contribute largely to our problem.

Instead of posting 10 dead games that end up producing two draws, why not post just two or three games that result to 0/3? I believe people will appreciate you more. Right?

And to the viewers, see; you cannot have everything on a platter of gold. Try and study every proof you see here before deciding whether to abandon the number or not. If you’re not convinced, simply skip the comment without causing nuisance.

Be informed that admin do not approve comments countering any posted dead game.

It is well.

NOTE – You must attach a proof to any dead game you post, else your comment will not be approved. This is a compulsory demand. We don’t want everyone to litter here with plate numbers. Post only dead games with concrete proof so that anyone that has it as banker may decide to either play or leave it. Pls

TWO – Henceforth, we will no longer approve anyone posting more than 5 dead games. Pls we want your best only.

THIRDLY – This thread is strictly for cannot draws, if you’re not comfortable with the comments, help yourself and abstain from visiting it.

>>>Pls go on and post your week 36 pool dead games..


IMPORTANT NOTICE – Scammers are on rampage in this blog. Anyone that post an advert (especially those ones that sneak into banker or discussion room to post indirect advert). If you contact them and they demand for payment, tell the person that you will deposit into the admins bank account.. If the game wins he’ll have his money, else admin will refund you. If the person refuse, Run!!! I won ‘t respond to any text from anyone complaining of how he was scammed here. Peace.


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    previous opp of portvale to meet Mansfield to die since the season.

    • God'sfavour Adam says:

      Abeg, I no get you at all ooo! Portvale v Mansfield 39ff in week 35. So how this take connect 25 in week 36? Pls review your post!

    • Elixir says:

      @Chimex, a post like this can deplete your quality. Pls be enough to review

      • CHIMEX QUALITY says:

        LOLZZZ, it was a typing error

        previous opp of portvale is to meet lincorn the following week to die since the season


  2. Patrick knight says:

    Position of Oxford on red to fail in purple week
    After playing for weeks since week 8 n failed…

  3. gerryman1636@gmail.com says:

    Since week 29, the alphabet s of COVENTRY has been rotating draw fail draw.
    Wk29 = C xx
    Wk30 = O ff
    Wk31 = V xx
    WK32 =E ff
    Wk33 = N xx
    Wk34 = T ff
    Wk35 = R xx
    Wk36 = Y ff
    Play with caution

  4. Ochmann says:

    Winstar backpage…any of the 3 starred game from star point moved to win forum…dead since wk 4
    Special announcement—no 46fff… ‘poison’.

    Bob Morton page 2–fool/full list
    game 16 rated–‘James Bond’– 007 is dead every week since wk 4

    this wk 36—-46fffffff…run!

    • Ochmann says:

      14fff and 34fff

      Fancy Soccer….frontpage..reble chance ’20’

      Games 8 and 9..family nos? Dead.
      ..ref…wk 5 (11ff and 31ff), wk 22 (33ff and 3ff), wk 30 (31ff and 41ff)

      This wk 36…14? & 34?

    • Ochmann says:

      14fff and 34fff

      Fancy Soccer….front- page..treble chance ’20’

      Games 8 and 9..family nos? Dead.
      ..ref…wk 5 (11ff and 31ff), wk 22 (33ff and 3ff), wk 30 (31ff and 41ff)

      This wk 36…14? & 34?

  5. Ochmann says:

    Soccer Research….front page…’x’ tips for d wk….a number to repeat 4th position d following wk

    Ref…wk 7-8..(16fff), wk 35-36 (17fff)

    So run…from–14ff, 17ff, 25ff, 34ff and 46ff
    …see u soon @ d bk rm.

    • Elixir says:

      Week 36
      Dead and buried!!!!

      Any time you add the first number on Capital try and the fourth number and the answer is the fifth number on Capital try . Take all of the digit there to die!!!

      First Digit (5)
      Fourth digit (40)
      5+40 =45
      Fifth digit (45)

      Ref. Current

      A gift for all that knows the value
      Play Win Ana appreciate

  6. JCAA says:

    36f46f. Edge of soccer page 3. 2 nums of the same family 2geda has not draw since d seasn start

  7. Ijebu Master says:

    Hi stakers use 01? With caution. Prove game 30 of capital ful list rated 909 never tast draw. 02?03?05?42?43?

  8. GENUWINE says:


    Throughout the 2017/18 season (last season), the appearance of letter “s” @6 away was a banker draw. This season, appearance of letter “s” @6 away is solid dead.
    Ref: WK 4,9,34,36
    7FF, 31FF, 32FF

    Since the season, Aberdeen on top Dundee FC (not Dundee FC on top Aberdeen which forms a pair) both @home or away are two dead games. Certainly, Dundee FC loses in all this setting.

    31FF: Aberdeen vs Livingston–12
    32FF: Dundee vs Celtic– (away win)

    Reference: (WK 11,12,13,15,17,31).

    From WK 23 to WK 33, SOCCER RESEARCH (BEST 10) on the front page, games rated X4 formed a pair. From WK 34, the 2 games have been failing. This week expect…….

    7FF: Preston vs Birmingham 12
    31FF: Aberdeen vs Livingston 12

    Appearance of a number the 5th position on “DRAWS ARE MOST LIKELY AT” to the 4th position on TRY is dead.

    WK 17: (32FF); WK 27: (32FF); WK 32: (45FF); WK 33: (26FF); WK 36: (40FF).

  9. PROPHET IS BACK! says:






  10. Austynowinwin says:

    careful of 19….proof open ur record week18 reading will appear at no to draw the following week Walsall will take the vacation of reading to draw last week35 reading at no 19 fail week36 walsall will enter to fail also run for 2*9*14*19

  11. Sheriff Noel says:

    @Austynowinwin, Base on your observation, I have my own observation…. Just like you said in week 18 Reading drew at no.19. the next week Walsall entered the vacation of Reading at no.19 and drew too. But in week 35, Reading failed at no.19, for Walsall to enter it’s vacation and fail? But in week 30, Reading drew at no.19, and Walsall entered it’s vacation in week 31 and failed.
    Don’t you think, since in week 35 Reading failed at no.19, then brought Walsall to it’s vacation at no.19 in week 36 is to DRAW. Just my view. Admin please post, thanks

  12. Prinsco says:

    Bigwin soccer pool paper (beware)

    Soccer x research back page
    Game on away banker

    Bob Morton 3rd page away tips game 17 dead

    Last season record observation, now same with current

    Soccer x research 3rd game 8 with hot sign is dead until the four color completed

    Other games to avoid this week are :
    Good winning to the house

    • Acho says:

      Pls you can’t just kill 25x like that by saying last season record observation, drop the observation or you delete 25x among your dead games. Don’t come and spoil some one’s on the digit with such write up.

  13. remic says:

    3ff,,,,, prove; any number carrying 1 as percentage in soccer is a dead match since season

  14. Ras Magabush says:

    Admin, why have you refused letting my dead digits with clear proves in ?
    I hope you will also allow my banker in !

  15. BUTWHY47 says:

    35 capital chief dead game
    Capital full list game 14 in week4 F
    Capital full list game 14 in week8 F
    Capital full list game 14 in week12 F
    Capital full list game 14 in week16 fail

    Capital full list game 14 in week20 draw XXX
    Capital full list game 14 in week24 draw XXX
    Capital full list game 14 in week28 draw XXX
    Capital full list game 14 in week32 draw XXX

    Mission complete new system begin

    Week36 capital full list game 14 in week36 35FFF

  16. zao says:

    Week36 undertaker dead games
    3ffff supper dead
    8ffff Rotherham to die no matter the prove
    25fff Lincoln is a dead game this week
    32 fff

  17. Pally44 says:

    Ras magabush, pls post ur dead game. Admin this is making me 6post that u have refused to approve

  18. Oliver Okeke says:

    First time posting here.

    N0 4 is RED FLAG.

    Every Purple Position of BURY minus LUTON . It failed LAST PURPLE WK32.

    So be Careful with N0 4

  19. Elixir says:

    Where is God’s favor Adam…
    …. without him this dead game thread is not complete!

    Admin posting comments have been a little difficult!?

  20. Hiddenpole says:

    Game 20 dead
    Any time Game 40 played away win following the away team to go home and win. since begining of season

  21. Hiddenpole says:

    20 dead game
    Anytime game 40 win @ away the away team to win @ home following week.

  22. GOLDENGILO says:

    100% Fixed Dead Matches
    Motherwell vs Heart f
    Celtic vs Motherwell f
    Dundee vs Hearts ff Dundee vs Celtic f
    Hamilton vs Dundee f
    Dundee vs Hearts f
    Hamilton vs Dundee f
    4ff Cardiff vs Arsenal ff
    Crystal P vs Southampton f
    Cardiff vs Southampton f
    Arsenal vs Huddersfield f
    Westham vs Crystal p f
    West ham vs Huddersfield ff 16fff
    Luton vs Chaltonxxx
    Charlton vs Gillingham ff
    Luton vs Gillingham ff
    Preston vs Westbrom ff Rotherham vs Westbrom ff
    Sheff wed vs Preston ff
    Blackburn vs Norwich ff
    Rotherham vs Norwich ff
    Sheff wed vs Blackburn ff
    19ff Burton A vs Walsall xx
    Sunderland vs walsall ff
    Sunderland vs Burton A ??
    In addition play with caution on 11,20,23,29

  23. TOCHII says:

    Having network issue on my desk even as i type this but ….. Let be careful with

    3??? 29??? 46??

    soccerXresarch page4 at
    the bottom page, the-3
    number in the bracket,
    hardly to smell draw,

    best known to soccer

    Bob morton page4,
    game rated with sign
    (V) to enter
    for a cannot draw


    • Beloved says:

      Tochi I see you dropping 3/3 as dead games. Let’s wait for No.3 to play first then I will put your name on champions list.

      • TOCHII says:

        lol, too bad, kora just decide to suprice everybody, many dead turn to be best draws on coupon,

        you only focus on one’s erro but forget that those systems have been active,

        sorry for the poor performance

  24. Prinsco says:

    I hope you u win with ur 25 as draw come Monday, while I will collect 3.1millon come Monday night when Mansfield v Lincoln (25) fail.
    Am praying already, what about you?

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