Basketball Betting Tips – Making the Right Selections

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Basketball is by far one of the most popular sports in the United States. In fact, it comes in a close second just behind football. Billions of dollars are earned in revenue by the National Basketball Association and the college D1 teams. Not surprisingly, billions of dollars also change hands in the betting circuit. Therefore betting on a basketball game can be very lucrative and a huge draw for those wanting to make a fast buck. However, betting is not child’s play and requires a lot of research and strategy before you can place your earnings on a team. Knowing the sport intimately and being able to spot a winning team will definitely give you a headstart but there is so much more to betting in basketball than intuition.

The following tips will provide you the ground rules to understanding how basketball betting works and how you can achieve a level of success.

Tips to kick-start your betting

Choose Wisely

It is very important that when betting on basketball one needs to consider the reputation of the online sportsbook that you are going to place your money with. The benefits of using a reputed betting site are that they provide you with good betting benefits such as wider banking options, fair odds, and fast secure deposits and payouts, they’re legally licensed and most importantly, they provide support 24/7.

Watch previous results

Unlike the other sports where you can have a dark horse suddenly win out of the blue, the same is not true for basketball. Since the schedules are much longer and teams are playing more than one game in the week, you’ll never have the dark horse rear its head and run away with success. So when betting on basketball it is always advisable to follow how the team has been playing as an indicator for future success.

Superstars dominate the league

Although basketball is a team sport it is no secret that many a time one of the greats in the team will carry the entire win on his shoulders and take his team to victory.  If you’re doubtful of which team to pick, research the statistics of the players and choose the team which has more stars in it!

Be the tortoise when placing bets

Betting in basketball is very lucrative and can reap you a rich harvest if you have the know-how. For a beginner, a few wins may be very exciting and tempt you to place bigger bets but until you have a more experience under your belt, it is always best to bet slow. Until you’re more experienced, you should never risk more than 10% of your stack at any point in time.

Keep it simple

When you’re a newbie to betting in basketball it is advisable to learn the ropes by keeping it simple. There is a lot of mathematics and complexity involved in the world of basketball betting, but until you have a better understanding it is advisable to stick with the basic types of bets. Picking winners to cover a spread, betting the over-under or going with a straight win on the moneyline will better your chances of winning.

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