Week 25 Pool DEAD Games 2018: Pls Prove Your Best CANNOT DRAWS Here

I appreciate everyone of you who devote time to contribute in this community. Solutiontipster family is grateful to you.

It’s unfortunate how majority of the CANNOT draws we post here end up among the draws of the week. Please, we should not relent.

…but, we also contribute largely to our problem.

Instead of posting 10 dead games that end up producing two draws, why not post just two or three games that result to 0/3? I believe people will appreciate you more. Right?

And to the viewers, see; you cannot have everything on a platter of gold. Try and study every proof you see here before deciding whether to abandon the number or not. If you’re not convinced, simply skip the comment without causing nuisance. Be aware that admin do not approve comments countering any posted dead game.

It is well.

NOTE – You must attach a proof to any dead game you post, else your comment will not be approved. This is a compulsory demand. We don’t want everyone to litter here with plate numbers. Post only dead games with concrete proof so that anyone that has it as banker may decide to either play or leave it.

Hopeful, you understand?

TWO – This thread is strictly for cannot draws, if you’re not comfortable with the comments, help yourself and abstain from visiting it.

Kindly go on and post your week 25 pool dead games now..


IMPORTANT NOTICE – Scammers are on rampage in this blog. Anyone that post an advert (especially those ones that sneak into banker or discussion room to post indirect advert). If you contact them and they demand for payment, tell the person that you will deposit into the admins bank account.. If the game wins he’ll have his money, else admin will refund you. If the person refuse, Run!!! I won ‘t respond to any text from anyone complaining of how he was scammed here. Peace.

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  1. frayo says:

    11ff.proof Sheff utd at away to draw, following wk it’s opponent to meet Middlesboro to fail. Ref wk 24 -25 last season and 24-25 this season

  2. Martinsww says:

    Wk8purple Xx27xx Peterboro V Doncaster
    Wk9brown Doncaster V Luton Fail
    Wk24purple Xx27xx Peterboro V Walsall
    Wk25brown Walsall V Luton? Likely Home Win

  3. Godswill O. says:

    Most Of D Proves Here Are Not Worth Posting, Because Two Teams Who Met Last Season Fail Doesnt Mean That When They Meet This Season Will Equally Fail. U Need To Have A Convincing Proves Please, Instead Of Posting What U Are Not Sure Of Thereby Discouraging Those Who Had The Digits As Their Banker And At D End It Drops

  4. Gerryman says:

    @ THE BRIGHT STAR, I feel sorry for ur game dat cut 1,
    I.e 13ff, 14xx,25xx.
    Why he failed was that he uses no13, to spoil his beautifl games because he ignores the fact that
    Mr.MORECAMBE’s alphabets are on a deadly mission as I posted here last time out from any week of 4.
    I.e wks4-wk12, wk14-wk22 , wk24-wk32.

    Wk24 M=13ff

    Wk25 O=15ff

    Wk26 R=18ff

    Wk27 E=05ff

    Wk28 C=03ff

    Wk29 A=01ff

    Wk30 M=13ff

    Wk30 B=02ff

    Wk32 E=05ff

    • THE BRIGHT STAR says:

      Thanks my brother for your special concern over my last wk nap that cut one.

      People should bear with me, this wk25 might make a difference. I will always give out my set of games free. I’ll hardly go to the nap market, that’s not my culture.

  5. GENUWINE says:

    Opponent of Wolves to meet Everton the following week or vice versa, both meetings to die.
    Ref: WK 8 -10; WK 13-15; WK 16-17; WK

    Also remember sometime I said the next time any number carrying 02% will draw is when it is 11—02%. WK 9: 17xx–02% (17-3=14); WK 12: 14xx–02% (14-3= 11). From WK 4 to WK 8, numbers carrying 02% failed. Same with WK 10 to WK 11, WK 13 upto this WK 25. Expect 5FF
    18FF (2weeks interval movement)

    WK 8
    Bristol C vs Sheff utd 13F
    WK 11
    Bristol c vs Sheff wed 12FF

    ** 2weeks interval since championship didn’t appear on WK 9.

    WK 20
    Rotherham vs Sheff utd 17xx
    WK 22
    Sheff wed vs Rotherham 18xx

    WK 23
    Sheff utd vs Westbrom 20FF
    WK 25
    Westbrom vs Sheff wed 18FF
    Appearance of Week number on HI-SCORE QUIZ of SPECIAL ADVANCE FIXTURES to die. Ref: WK 16,17,20,21,25
    The Block of Five Numbers ontop of “S*T*A*R TIPS” in SOCCER RESEARCH. Any odd one out is dead since season.
    WK 25: 26 is the odd one out because it is the only even number. 26FF.
    Ref: WK 4,6,10,18,19,22,25
    WK 13: Shrewsbury vs Accrington 31F
    WK 23: Southend vs Accrington 31F

    WK 15: Southend vs Coventry 30F
    WK 24: Shrewsbury vs Coventry 30F

    WK 16: Sunderland vs Southend 29F
    WK 25: Sunderland vs Shrewsbury 29F
    SOCCER RESEARCH Full list no.9 & 10 connoted with Asterisks (**), game @ no.9 to die since last season.

    WK 22: Portvale 39XX away
    WK 23: Crawley 39FF away

    WK 24: Portvale 38XX away
    WK 25: Crawley 38FF away
    42FF, 32FF

    Using RIGHT-ON FIXTURES, Appearance of family numbers on serial nos. 18 & 19 of Compliers ‘X’ Selection on Brown weeks (8weeks interval settings) to die.
    Ref: WK 9,17,25.

  6. Sirabbey says:

    Like someone usually quote on this blog that “safety is a choice”.

    Number “14” is a damn dead game.

    Since season, checkout for yourself any number moving from capital editor’s top 2 to Draws Are Most Likely At had never succeeded in playing draw. Admin kindly post to safe stakers of their hard earn dough.
    Compliment of the season!!!

  7. GOLDENGILO says:

    21 everywhere you go!
    Can 21 survive this week???
    Accrington vs Charlton xxxx
    Accrington vs Barnsley ffff
    Barnsley vs charlton ffff

  8. DENNIS MORKA says:

    8FF 18FF

    WK 13 BROWN
    Bolton @11Home FF
    Westbrom @21Home FF

    WK 25 BROWN
    Bolton @8Home FF
    Westbrom @18Home FF

    8FF 10FF
    From WK 4 to Wk 11, Up and Down of ROTHERHAM had me smiling to the bank weekly. However, from WK 12, its been nothing short of a ‘day-mare’. Use with caution.

    25FF 35FF
    Game 5 and 7 of HSQ in SAF to be of same family is DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

    WK 7 – 16FF 36FF
    WK 18 – 12FF 42FF
    WK 19 – 21FF 41FF
    WK 25 – 25?? 35??

    10FF 11FF
    WK 15
    Derby v Sheff. Utd @11FF
    WK 16
    Middlesbro v Derby @14XX
    Game up – 13XX

    WK 24
    Ipswich v Sheff. Utd @14XX
    WK 16
    Middlesbro v Ipswich@11FF
    Game up – 10FF


    WK 15
    Game 12 drew XXX
    Correct score: 1-1

    WK 16
    Away Team Game 12 to meet ROTHERHAM on odd number to repeat draw.
    Preston v Rotherham @17XX
    Correct Score: 1-1

    ••Game 26 Away and 28 Home Teams in previous week to meet and settle for a score draw @ Coupon #22
    Accrington v Portsmouth @22XX
    Correct score: 1-1


    WK 24
    Game 12 drew XXX
    Correct score: 1-1

    WK 25
    Away Team Game 12 to meet ROTHERHAM on odd number to repeat draw.
    Bristol C. v Rotherham @9XX
    Correct Score: 1-1

    ••Game 26 Away and 28 Home Teams in previous week to meet and settle for a score draw @ Coupon #22
    Burton A v Plymouth @22XX
    Correct score: 1-1

  9. Iyke says:

    Note!! Before you come to Dead zone play your forecast don’t come here after results and begin to wail like Nigerians.
    My dead games are ff11ff ff13ff ff16ff ff18ff ff23ff ff25ff ff29ff ff31ff ff44ff
    Pointers in week 5 Bolton vs Bristol C xx13xx, take Bolton to week 4, pic the opponent Westbrom, come back to week 5, Norwich vs Westbrom, pick opponent of Middlesbro and opponent of Westbrom to play in week 4 xx2xx Birmingham vs Norwich, next family down Gillingham ff12ff
    So this movement killed 11,16,25
    For ff13ff ff29ff are already narrated in the banker room while proving 12 and 19
    Tired of typing abeg. I remain my humble self Iyke.

  10. GOLDENGILO says:

    100 % fixed dead
    Rotherham vs Swansea fff
    Derby vs Swansea fff
    Norwich vs Rotherm fff
    Norwich vs Derby ffff

    Bristol c vs Sheff wed fff
    Sheff wed vs Norwich fff
    Norwich vs Rotherham fff
    Bristol c vs Rotherham fff

    Southampton vs Man u xxxx
    Liverpool vs Man u fff
    Southampton vs Arsenal fff
    Liverpool vs Arsenal fff

    (4) 5ffff
    Brighton vs Wolves fff
    Everton vs Brighton fff
    Everton vs Tottenham fff
    Tottenham vs Wolves fff

    (5) 17ffff
    Middlesbro vs Swansea xxx
    Middlesbro vs wigan fff
    Swansea vs Wigan fff

    More to follow..Stay connected

  11. Mmm says:

    F44F..WK25 2015 motherwell vs hamilton off coupon 3:3..play kilmernork home x49x…wk25 2016 hamilton vs motherwel (1:1) mark kilmernock…..wk25 2017 motherwel vs HAMILTON (1:3) mark kilmernock x42x..this wk25 2018 hamilton vs motherwel to fail again FF44FF mark kilmernork XX46XX

  12. O'Martins says:

    Dead on arrival 15(QPR vs Reading). Note that it has been proved before,

  13. Raphbenitez says:

    Admin I greet you…

    Since week 21 the addition of 1st and 2nd game at Capital “Draws are Likely” has refuse to draw. Week 25, 20??

    The previous position of Huddersfield to die in current week. Week 25, 5???. It only played once!

    Every Brown week, no at “Lucky Game” in Soccer has refused to draw. So 11??

  14. GOLDENGILO says:

    In continuation of my accurate shooting for the week

    (6) 45ffff
    Livingstone vs Heart fff
    Hibernian vs Livingstone xxx
    Hibernian vs Hearts fff

    (7) 46ffff
    Hamilton vs Hearts fff
    Hamilton vs St.mirren ffff
    Hearts vs Kilmarnock fff
    Kilmarnock vs st.mirren 1billion % Home win

    (8) 8ffff
    Bolton vs Bristol C xxxx
    Stoke vs Brentford ffff
    Brentford vs Bristol C ffff
    Bolton vs Stoke ffff

    (9) 20fff
    Barnsley vs Gillingham ffff
    Gillingham vs Wimbledon ffff
    Blackpool vs Barnsley fff
    Wimbledon vs Blackpool ffff

    (10) 22ffff
    Accrington vs Gillingham fff
    Gillingham vs Burton A ffff
    Plymouth vs Accrington ffff
    Burton A vs plymouth ffff

    (11) 3ffff
    Huddersfield vs Chelsea fff
    Huddersfield vs Cardiff xxx
    Chelsea vs Everton xxxx
    Everton vs Cardiff ffff
    Chelsea vs Leicester ffff
    Leicester vs Cardiff ffff 5billion % Chief dead

    Accrington vs Burton A xxx
    Barnsley vs walsall xxxx
    Walsall vs Burton A ffff
    Barnsley vs Southend ffff
    Coventry vs Accrington xxxx
    Coventry vs Southend ffff

    (13) 26ffff
    Bristol R vs Doncaster ffff
    Doncaster vs Oxford xxxx
    Oxford vs Bristol R ffff

    (14) 29ffff
    Wycombe vs Peterboro fff
    Sunderland vs wycombe xxx
    Shrewsbury vs Peterboro xxx
    Sunderland vs shrewsbury fff

    (15) 42ffff
    Cambridge u vs Yeovil xxxx
    Nottco vs Tranmere fff
    Yeovil vs Tranmere ffff
    Nottco vs Cambridgu u ????

    Final list coming up shortly…Stay tuned!

  15. Friday. Fp says:

    I want to lean how to forecast pool draw match

  16. James says:

    @admin kindly let gillo to know that nottco and Cambridge are not at 42 pls let him crosscheck hid shooting well thks

  17. Elvis Anthony says:

    Some people in this pool dead room need a break at times u wonder if actually they they play what they post. Every week you come here and murder bankers and you say you are helping stalkers or are you having fun ?

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