Week 23 Pool Result 2018: English Football Pools Betting Results

|36 ABND|

Week 23 Pool Result 

Draws On Coupon

Congrats To All Winners In The House

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  1. tolente says:

    how market my people, market bad oooo

  2. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    X17X21X27X33X36X 3/5

    X21X27X36X 2/3

    X27X33X36X 3/3 2nd NAP in discussion room 😀😀😀😀😀

    Awaiting appreciation before I unleash the killer week 24 follow up NAP and winning


    I posted this game 3 good times in discussion room, and the successful rotated

    NAP was in my last post when I noticed 21 was pairing seriously with X27X.

    I cautioned tipsters in week 23 discussion room that noboby has monopoly over

    posting successful draws.

    Pls let me stop here till I hear from my fellow tipsters.You know what I mean.lol 😁

    • Mr ocean says:

      hello mr pee Congratulation I got three over five in your game if you have good game this time please contact me on my number 643717199,

  3. Firstblessed says:

    Admin my refund abeg….I don’t always listen to my instincts.

  4. Sir White says:

    attention attention. promoters wont pay with 36 cos it was abandoned at 1st minute of play. pool rule states dat an abandoned draw match is only valid if the match was abandoned at the second half of play.

    • Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

      Sir White, First half score was 0-0. I monitored the game.

      It was Cambridge – Yeovil 0-0 half time

      Forest Green -Mansfield 0-0 half time.

      Tell me the difference btw the game and that of last week,(coupon 21).

      Many online site already marked it draw.

      • allenworld says:

        Parley…abeg your promoter dey pay with abandoned match? If yes, pls hook me up..bcos after all this failures since d season, I now manage to win, champion pool promoter agent they tell me say they are not paying with abandoned match.. Abeg make una hook me with those una promoters.

  5. GOLDENGILO says:

    congrats to premium group members as my pair 22xxp27 delivered

  6. GOLDENGILO says:

    congrats to premium group members as my pair 22xxp26 delivered

  7. emalekuo says:

    Bought both naps hope 2 win delivered 3/5. Chinex 2/5.Thats 5/9 on my beloved sporty bet. Though returns dropped because forest green was void but it till counted as the 5th draw. Profit of about 120k. Still expecting 20k-40k from pool depending on hat happens to th remaining games. If only crystal place drew that would have been a bomb. Kudos guys.

    • Fibonacci says:

      Can u trow more light on how u usually play it??

    • Mimi says:

      bros @emalekuo am really grateful
      since i followed your instructions on how to play nd win with sporty bet i tell you its amazing
      Thank you pls do explain to others too,rather than waiting for 5/5😀🤣
      Its not easy at all to get draws
      Kudus to chinex you tried ,
      Thanks to Hope to win,mr pee,faculty nap you guys tried its not easy at all
      and our able admin i say weldone may God bless you pls post

    • Enzo says:

      Please can someone in Nigeria register and play sporty bet? I need direction please. Thanks

  8. Bishophit says:

    Its only your blog that posted 36 as draw. The match was abandone in d half time. also 14 drew pls add. Thanks

  9. SAMFOL says:

    I don’t know why no 36 was abandoned after first half of play resumption. Many promoters will bring out rules to favour themselves rather than stakers. It could have been better to postponed the match, for the panel to adjudicate.

  10. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    Admin help them throw more light on that bc it seems we have many promoters

    agent in this blog.Was Forestgreen Mansfield match abandoned in 1st minute or

    half time??

    Sir White use google and find out.

  11. Iyke says:

    Nawao ff15ff xx22xx xx44xx.. No 15 destroyed my party o.. Hian! There’s no final battle until the last battle and only the last battle is decisive.. Keep hope alive. Week 24 will be superb. I remain my humble self Iyke.

  12. Sir White says:

    @mr pee rightly d match was abandoned at d end of 1st half. I only want to inform d house dat 36 was an abandoned draw and promoters wont pay with it as most them refused to pay with 21xx in wk 22 of which i was denied payment of 500k. i wonder why u tagged me a promoter’s agent cos of my comment above. pls withdraw dat statement n let’s try to achieving our primary purpose of being in dis blog

    • Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

      Sorry about being promoters agent comment.But mind you,they paid people Port Harcourt with X21X last week.

      So We dont need to generalize issues,bc PH promoters may see it and decides to stop.

  13. Faculty nap says:

    It was yesterday I concur with Mr Thomas that draws are not fixed but the odd although my pair delivered for four weeks but that doesn’t mean it is fixed. If somebody can can prove why 2 failed then can believe again that draws are fixed though I’ll still be dropping my pairs

    • Fibonacci says:

      2 was pairing 22 strongly .rsk n winstar.pool is fixed different system every week .they always choose which to play.week 22 rochdale =position of southampton away to draw d follwingweek Portsmouth go enter away to draw and family up which must be Birmingham .so 12&22 outrightly killed 2.

  14. 1million247 says:

    Admin, pls when will i get my refund?

  15. Bishophit says:

    Sir Pee, I played your game. When i couldnt find 36 on the site i use to check draws i Burnt my coupon. So i was suprised to see 36 as draw On the blog. Lets see whether they will pay with 36 2morow

  16. ufoskanna says:

    Hello folks, my game played 2/3 all thanks to spotybet.com. Admin watchout for me nxtwk. Wk27 being 12th of January, 2019 I will be in the Nap Market for 3over3 with a pair. Thanks admin for humanity sake.

  17. Firstblessed says:

    It’s true they say, barked dogs don’t bite but silence ones destroys buttocks, Chinex with all his noises failed woefully, now watch out hope2win who doesn’t make a single noise made it,,,,,,,,now my 70k is gone to ur masters now u will relax.

    • Killa man says:

      You took this from my mouth. We need to be werry of those ones with the loudest mouths. My instincts told me to go with hope2win, but i was swayed by this big talk.

  18. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    All the promoters who has been shortchanging stakers in Nigeria as I learnt.

    To fish out draws is not easy,and to use hard earned money to stake is another risk

    on its own.Take note that coupon X36X is now panel decision, and it must be

    Panelled draw.

    Promoters in Nigeria must abide by panel decision, otherwise they will face EFCC

    for duping innocent Nigerians.

    • allenworld says:

      @ Mr pee…bozz, is it for real, that coupon number 36 is now panelled? Pls, keep us posted about it..thanks man..God bless..

  19. Ebuka says:

    Plz am at aba I just want to know if they are paying with no 36

  20. OGENI says:


  21. NK LOVE says:

    pls Admin my refund for Chinex game i have sent my detail thanks

  22. NK LOVE says:

    Admin refund received thanks

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