Tips for betting in American Soccer

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Although soccer is not as popular as basketball or football in America, it is one of the world’s most popular sports. Referred to as football or ‘futbol’ in other parts of the world, soccer has one of the largest followings, unlike any other sport. It is the go-to sport for most people around the world and with a viewership that has an astronomical figure, soccer betting is extremely popular.

In America, soccer betting may not be as popular as betting on basketball or football but it is a thriving business, nevertheless. For a betting rookie, the following tips on American soccer betting may be of help.

Understanding Types of American Soccer Betting Lines

Before you can actually start placing your bets it’s always advisable to understand what you’re getting into. A good understanding of the types of lines that are available and the ones on which you can place your wagers on will give you a headstart.

Small Spreads

Since soccer is a relatively low scoring game compared to basketball or football, the point spreads in soccer can almost be disregarded. These will not be available for all match-ups as it’s not uncommon to see a soccer tie end in 0-0. If you do find point spreads they’ll be quite close as compared to the higher scoring games.

Full Time Results

In the category of a sportsbooks’ soccer section, you will notice a few separate betting options. One of the first you are sure to notice is the Full Time Results bet. On this type of bet, you will be placing a flat bet on one of three possible outcomes – a home win, an away win or a draw. Although this is fairly simple to understand, you need to make a proper study of the team potential to be able to have a hit on this one.

Over/Under Bets

The over-under of the game, basically a baseline put on a final score, is the next result that will catch your eye. Although these bets are simple enough to understand, remember that it’s not advisable to take the under at every match and expect to win. Oddsmakers want good bets from both sides, so they will take an unbiased middle path. Read up on how the teams have fared in the past against certain players and goalkeepers for a better understanding.

Props and Live Betting

Prop bets are typically added for fun but can help you rake in the moola depending on which you take and how many you eventually win. Live betting allows you to place a bet at any point in the game.

Additional tips

Even though you may understand all the lines when betting in American soccer, it is also good to keep the following points in mind.

  • Choose the right betting site and set a sensible budget.
  • Check out the matches with the best odds that you want to bet on.
  • Read between the lines to understand which line is the best to place your bet on.
  • Keep things as contained as possible until you have a better hang of betting.
  • Use your mathematical skills to make your deductions about your chances.
  • Check out the player lineups before you place your bets to be sure that the stronger team is in place.

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