Week 17 Pool Result 2018: English Football Pools Season

Week 17 Pool Result


Week 17 Pool Result

Draws On Coupon

Congrats To All Winners In The House

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  1. English Season Looking Like Australia

  2. ZERO TO HERO says:

    Honestly speaking, POOL is no longer wot it used to be. Imagine what dz pple are playing dz days! Na wao!

  3. Paul Omoso says:

    See draws ,what did we do to the Kora people? getting worse every week.

  4. buchai says:

    Chineke GoD.make una bring water pour on My head.kai Kai Kai,my moneyoooooooooooo gone,mmiri ama efi Na Anya.

    • Nwa9ja says:

      Please brother slow down and talk Hart like me my 100k have just lost with 7 and 45, I still can’t believe it,

  5. hamburg says:

    @Hon for me you the best, keep it up

  6. Inem akang says:


    • Bass says:

      Hehe… Brother are you thinking what am thinking?

    • OdogwuInvestment says:

      Inem ekang if na pool you want use do wedding you die well b that!

    • frank chuks says:

      My brother pool is not an investment, pool is uncertainty and scam which can render someone useless in life without any achievement. My advised to you is to focus on what ever you are doing God will see you through. Stop pool before is too late.

  7. Dunamis says:

    Na waoo!!! I quit

  8. Firstblessed says:

    This is the 2nd time this guy called ZERO TO ZERO is dealing with me without showing any pity, firstly earlier this season and my first time of winning money been Saturday then on Sunday he came up with some digits with full assurance that even if they like they should come to entireba and play the games that all must draw, so I decided to single all his four games 100k each, I swear with my life I’m not lieing and behold all failed, then he was bearing Fesmart Onyeka and today he changed from ZERO to ZERO…and killed all the digits I purchased at 10k and now it has played 3 already out of 7 still waiting for 47 to complete four draws. Kwontinue God is watching. Admin if u like u post it for him to take correction or u keep it to ya self.

  9. Pally44 says:

    Admin,.. greetnx. Pls check ur sms for my rightful refund for David udoh’s faild gamd. Tnx.

  10. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    Dont you think what is currently happening is beyond human comprehension.

    Congratulations Hon for the 3/3 NAP, You revived the forum this week,I know many

    Pple will not play the game bc it was quietly dropped,thats why its good to raise

    Small dust while dropping games.lol.

    For Cardiff,Let them keep playing Aussie Style.We must Overcome.

  11. #CHIEF says:

    Khaki nor be Leather. U wan drink pepper like water? Ok…oo, POOOLLL!

  12. cletus fixed bet says:

    pls go and bet (Man city v southampton)x. 10 point

  13. ZERO TO HERO says:

    @Firstblessed, u’re a big fool (a fool at 40). So u are still playing pool after all ur noise making dt u wl quit, u wl do ds n u wl do dat. Are u nt ashamed of urself, dt every wk u must come up to look 4 whom to blame? U claimed u didnt play a game u bought at d rate of 10k just bcos some of d digits were killd by some punters in d Cannot Rm. Wen wl u learn? ‘Ewu’. U beta quit as u earlier announced here cos I can undstand dt u cannot bear d intensity of d heat being generated in ds struggle. Feeble-minded pple like u shldnt come here. In case u dont knw, projecting a game to die is as difficult as projecting a game to draw. Get dat into ur fucking head. Especially now dt pool system is going in a very mysterious way. I dont tink anybdy can actually explain wot is happening in pool systems dz days. English settings becoming tougher dan d Australian settings. Even to see a reliable pair now nt to talk of a banker is an uphill task. So boy, rant no more n stop coming here to tell stories of how much u staked on anybdy’s game. If u think it is easy, den begin to forecast ur game n drop ur digits here let’s see.

    • Chiboy says:

      Guy take it easy on him, see how you are abusing someone that complain about what you and your expert friend that lives in Cardiff did to him with your naps and killing range. For long you have not dropped a banker that delivered likewise your cannot, so if you are not good at killing digits don’t kill but I you have to let it be 1 or 2. No bad feelings take note.

    • Mr Ray says:

      @zero to hero don’t you think you make too much noise here. You’re just a big fool

    • Firstblessed says:

      Abakeleke goat is talking, can’t u go looking for a better job at the nearest restaurant in ur area and leave those who are really ready to invest and make more money in business, instead of roaming around looking for who to reduce to ur level nama. Stop posting trash here and claiming no one forced anyone to visit cannot room, ask admin if I didn’t lamment when u foolishly killed my 1,7,9,13,18,23,47 but he refused approving it. Aturu abakeleke. Talking of quitting when I have lost millions already to ur masters, read my lips I won’t quit until I found a real source and brought u and ur cohorts to book. Mpama.

  14. Chiboy says:

    That man that his 7 digits were killed by a cardiff member should please try no. 5 and 47 online with at least #500 or 1k but if you are buoyant you can single them. My advice to you is this if you can’t withstand the cannot room avoid it.

  15. Blackson says:

    @Firstblessed,no body forced you to patronise those guys.last week was ime etang and this week zero to hero, and u played with 100k hmmmm, no body go thereoooo ,always play pool with cautionoooo and stop blaming anybody when it fails you.

    • Firstblessed says:

      Oga try go back to school and learn how to read and understand before u go about commenting on people’s posts. Tnx.

  16. WinningPoacher says:

    Haven’t the house still noticed? I am a quiet observer. Those that don’t fill up the whole place with proofs are the ones that their games mostly deliver. Cardiff or kora or whatever they call themselves set exams every weekend and few pass. Hon scored a 100% and he didn’t have to prove from heaven to earth to achieve that. What will draw will draw and with a little prove you drop your games to help humanity.

    As for those that work for promoters that have come to litter this great forum, going up and down killing live draws and claiming they are gurus telling us that a live draw is a dead game because they want people lose so they can make more money for themselves and their promoters all i have to tell them is that Karma is real. It served cold and you don’t expect and it can clear all those monies from areas you don’t expect. Thread carefully!!!

    I believe there is no one that is below 18 here, so let’s act like the adults we are. The forum was designed to help humanity and put money in our pockets not lose it.

    Happy Sunday

  17. enzo says:

    from my own experience, pool has always been bite as you can chew, and you do not put all your hope pool. i have played pool for so many years now and i will tell you that the least expected always happens in pool. So all these people that new in should apply caution when staking ok. Even the sweetest prove fails. And pool is spiritual too. So always pray for the right direction. Ka chineke mezie okwu.

  18. OLA OLU says:

    Hmmm congrats to those who use the pai r12ff &13xxx its amother delivery which i have been selected the banker for everybody since
    wk 15 dis is loading watch out

    • Raphbenitez says:

      A big Congratulations to you, OLA OLU…I am a big your big fan and some persons here. Since week 15 you have been very consistent and I keenly follow your name….God bless you. Keep helping humanity!

  19. Mr Ray says:

    @Hon I have a talk & something with you. Can you reach me on ray_igwe@yahoo.com

  20. Fibonacci says:

    @first blessed.my advice.stay away.from the cannot room.there re sm guys hia. in which I don’t take there dead games serious.fesmart n.goldengilo…it takes a stong heart to play a game after seeing it in d dead room.try and follow people who are consistent..since u have the resources. make enquiry and buy keys,booklet and naps from legit people nt d jokers in nap market…u urself can also forecast.a lot.will post game and swear with there.life.all na wash.pool no be child’s play.

  21. Bass says:

    Oga Admin…please this page is for results and not insults..so some posts shouldn’t be approved regarding insults

  22. GOLDENGILO says:

    @Fibonnaci or what do they called you,e..Did I send invitation to you to go through my post in this blog? Dont ever trespass or cross my path.Absolutely nonsense!

  23. KONGE IRE says:

    This one way una dey flex muscle as result dey unfavourable, let’s hope and pray for better time instead. Recent result have been shocking. Sorry to all.

  24. GENUWINE says:

    Please my fellow tipsters, let us behave as adults. No one has ever written that someone saved him from playing a dead game as draw, it is always someone killed them by killing a draw as dead game. Pool is a game of Win or Lose, just as SolutionTipsters is a forum for draw & dead games. Ignore the dead games forum and play your draws. Nobody go Cardiff, not even myself. I killed 25 last week and it drew. It cut my cannot draws I played online. I also lose money also. Please, we can help each other succeed. Let’s grow past the insults. We are one big family. Big thumbs up to Hon (Correct man). Shout outs to all the forecasters in this forum. E no easy. The struggle continues. God bless us all.

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