Multiple Bets Explained – the pros and cons

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Multiple bets are a type of bets that allow a punter to place more than one bet on a single bet slip. The popularity of multiple bets is achieved by its ability to increase the chances of winning or greater returns. Multiple bets give a greater return as you add more bet the odds will increase but winning chances will be reduced. But it pays a lot if there is a chance of winning. This is similar to Law of diminishing returns in economics.

In multiple bets, there is what they called Humble accumulator or acca which is the simplest one. For a multiple bet or accumulator to be successful all the results must come in but if just one result fail to come in you have lost your stake, that means there is no return for your stake. Recreational bettors see multiple bets attractive, unlike professional bettors. The big money is in the dream that’s the thought of professional bettors while recreational bettors will get excited as one sport/match finish well until the one that won’t favor them, that’s when they will count their loss.


  • Double: This type of bet consist of two different bets.
  • Treble: It consists of three bets.
  • Accumulator: This consists of more than three bets and it is named according to the number of bets it consists. Like 4 fold, 5 fold, 6 fold, 7 fold etc.
  • Yankee: This is quite different from those mentioned above; you must get at least a selection correctly before payout. It consists of 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 4 fold accumulator. It is an 11 bet based in on four selection.
  • Lucky 15: it is the same as Yankee but with little addition, it also has a single bet. This type is common among horse racing fans.
  • Trixie: it’s about three selections on four bet and to get a payout, two or more of the bracket selection must be successful. Also, it must include 3 doubles and a treble.
  • Full cover bet: The simplest form of this type of bet is Trixie. The full cover bet is about winning part of your selection, there will be a payout if you win some selection but the number if selection win will determine the amount of payout. This is different from humble accumulator or acca in which you lose your stake if just one selection fails to comes in. For the full cover bet, you place series of smaller bets that will cover all of the possible accumulator outcomes.

Pros of multiple betting.

  • It is the most lucrative type of betting.
  • The payout can be huge.
  • Great way to increase odds.
  • You can mix and match sports on different days.
  • It gives hope of winning at least a selection.
  • Staking many bets at current prices.


Cons of multiple betting.

  • High risk.
  • It involves more bet.
  • The more you add to the list the risky it becomes.
  • Many bettors get carried away by the big payout.
  • All games need to come to an end before the payout.


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