Betting Key Numbers Explained! Trick For Betting On Football Games

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What are the key numbers? Why are they so important in the betting world? Whether you are a newbie or an experienced better, you must have heard of them? And if you haven’t, then you are at a disadvantage. To get the most out of betting, it is necessary to understand betting key numbers and their significance.


  • Key Numbers- What Exactly Are They In Football Game Betting?


In a football deal, they are the margin between the winning team’s score and the losing team score. For example- suppose ‘Team X’ has scored 26 and ‘Team Y’ managed to score only 17. Here, the margin between the two teams’ scores is 9. This margin can be anything, from 1 digit difference to more than 10.


According to betting experts, there are some margins which are known as key numbers. In the case of football, the most common number has been found to be three. A 17-year-long study has discovered that ‘three’ as a margin was in more than 15% of the football games in that period of time.


After three, the second most common key number in football games was seven. Over 7% games ended within a margin of 7, the study reported. In the list of top 5 key numbers in football, the remaining three common margins were six, four, and ten. They were found to be in 5% to 6% games. When figures for all these common numbers are combined, it can be figured out that the five most common key numbers were the part of more than 40% football games. Isn’t it crazy?


  • What Is Important About Key Numbers?


First things first, books don’t want people to bet on a number whose chances of winning are high. But you need to be on the right side. Betting middle is always a wise move in a football game. For example- as three is the most common key number, you should pick middle on three if you are getting an opportunity to do that.


Understanding key numbers is also important to increase your profit. Apart from that, you should also pay the attention to the timing of your bet. Suppose you have picked a team which is currently at +2.5. Your next move can be to hold off and hope the margin reaches 3. On the other hand, you must take a step to make your bet if your number is at -3. While doing it, you need to ensure that you are not paying too much for the bet.


Key numbers have one more interesting fact to understand. It’s the Wong Teaser- football teaser where you can have six-point adjustment through the key numbers. This teaser theory comes as a long-term profit for an individual.



Remember, books do not like people to understand key numbers or any other magical numbers which can make them win big. So, be careful with the combinations and take appropriate actions to make your every bet count.

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