Week 15 Pool RSK Papers 2018: Soccer, Bob Morton, Capital International

Week 15 pool RSK Papers and other papers for your weekly forecast


Special Advance Fixtures

Right On Fixtures

Soccer Research

Bob Morton

Capital International


Big Win

Happy Forecast

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  1. Henry says:

    I need rsk paper

  2. George Sample says:

    Iove this site for forecast

  3. Pls addmean my dad is late and I have no money I need bankers to play so I can see money to lay him to rest

    • Bigalvin says:

      You funny die..next 1 go be to pay skol fees, thatz if u ve not used that line already…. Moreover if e give u game now u go even get mind to put a big stake?

  4. ome. says:

    Admin good day.please Admin I am praying to God to bless you for this good work. I have 24xx. and HSQ repeat 24 again in SAF.Thanks.

  5. Mr. Sharpman says:

    Play this set of nap




    use xx35xx and xx37xx to rotate the nap for your father burial.

  6. Bigalvin says:

    Goodday honourable admin… Pls I get directed to another site when I try to open ur site via my browser (opera or Firefox).. Pls can u rectify dis ASAP.. A lot of people might be facing same difficulty.. I had to go through ur Facebook page and ur app to get here.. Pls don’t relent in this good work u ve started.. I will definitely reach out to u soon..

  7. George says:

    30 pair 40
    Capital – back page Hot Pair family number for one draw.Ref. Week 9- 9,19XX

  8. Dr Hooks says:

    Nap 26xxxxx30xxxxx35xxxx. Free this week week 16 cost #100,000. Thanks

  9. Roy says:

    Nap 6-15-20

    Prove week 12 Bob Morton
    Multiply week number by 2 and ,add the individual sum of week number for both to appear on joker pair then nap week number and date of play
    Analysis :
    Week number =12
    Multiply by 2= 24
    Individual sum of week number =1+2=3xxxx
    3 and 24 to appear on joker pair
    Date of play 29xxxx week number 12xxxx
    Repeat the process this week

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