Week 14 Pool Result 2018: English Football Pools Betting Results

Week 14 Pool Result


Week 14 Pool Result

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Congrats To All Winners In The House

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  1. firstblessed says:

    Not again, not again,, not again God, this group is gradually rendering me useless.

  2. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    Admin pls publish week 13 Champions List make I use that one console myself.
    I have 3 unfailing NAP For week 15,If it fails,I will not post till week 20.

  3. Master says:

    Admin when are you refunding us our money which we paid for austine3:16 game that failed?

  4. OdogwuInvestment says:

    Make una help me with game to raise money for my air ticket to canada my visa go soon expire and i don dey find money for air ticket abeg una oo

  5. Paul says:

    No 46 played draw I guess

  6. GOLDENGILO says:

    What abominable result!

  7. Fesmart - Onyeka says:

    Hahahaha…..@Firstblessed. My broda, say No to it, or d earlier u quit, d beta 4 u. Daz my little advice to u.

  8. Ochmann says:

    May God forgive me for making people throw money away.

    This result is not funny.

    • Annonymous says:

      Did you do it intentionally? if not why this apology! I am of the opinion that you try your best for humanity….pls let your conscience take care…

    • Ginny says:

      Ochman don’t blame itself it is not ur fault. u tried but Kora have shown us why they are Kora. U have a good heart my brother. Despite the result am still ur fan. Well-done.

  9. Young says:

    21k lost to ochman draw. You people just they give useless assurance.

  10. Youngets says:


  11. Youngets says:

    21k gone… ochman banker. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m fed up mehn

    • Ochmann says:

      Heartfelt Apologies to the real people who played and lost with my wk 14 disaster games.
      …Youngets, continue to play my game. It was a bad week.

      This is a free website/blog. Nobody pays to post or view comments except the exclusives.
      When you choose any game, it is a choice you made. If you win, be happy and enjoy the proceeds.
      As a matter of choice, whether you appreciate the forecaster, it is your choice as well.
      Quit blaming the forecaster after your loss. “Hate the game, not d player/forecaster.
      To people like Youngets who never comment on this platform, never made any contributions here, whether good or bad. All they do is take games and play, chop and clean mouth.

      Now, when they lose, they come out to the public from their hiding places, crying like infants and mentioning my names.
      Is this fair? Is this maturity? Are you a true gambler or an opportunist?

      All the same. It is well and better days ahead.

      I greet the Admin who is so magnanimous, allowing us all to freely express ourselves. Take heart Youngets, or you want me to reimburse you?…happy sunday
      ….long live solutiontipster.

  12. promise says:

    this is bad result God help me to recover my self

  13. Fesmart - Onyeka says:

    Abeg make I ask una, we don enter Australian season?

  14. Firstblessed says:

    Angel, God will never forgive u together with the guy who brought me into this mess called gambling in 2016, u Angel I never begged u games I don’t even know how u got my number and sent me ur fucking 18 and 36 with full assurance, now over 200k is gone.

  15. Fabolous says:

    To whom it may concern the guy looking for flight ticket go and play no 6 as draw . go to this week 14 Bob Morton paper look at the nap they wrote 6,29,48….29 and 48 has played remaining num 6 and its Sunday match I have told u .

    • Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

      Fabolous,fold your hands and allow Kora finish what they started o.
      No one can guarantee any of the remaining games 2morrow.
      This is how they kept shouting 12 here last week,it played on sunday and failed.
      6 may or may not draw oo.

    • ONE IS ONE says:

      Fabulous, nah lie o! No go waste money again. In WK 12, num 24 appeared @ top rt hand pair of Bob Morton front page. The next WK 13, if u add 8 to the center num (16 ) at d nap column, dat 24 will be the answer, provided addition of the units of all numbers in dat nap column is 16. …Note, In dat WK 13, num 1, ie the left num of nap column drew; remaining d centre num and rt num. … The same process repeated wks 13 n 14 with nums 37 n 29. It completed the movement by drawing the centre num 29 n rt num 48.

  16. Estimable says:

    Always play what u can afford to loose, no matter how sure the game is..
    Aluta Continua….

  17. Ochmann says:

    Na so e be…e don tay. When ur banker fails, u become a bad person. When it plays, u are d hero….calls and insults nor go kill me today.

    Dem go still call me on monday again…”bros, abeg wetin u get?”

    God go help me. This wk 14 is d worst since I started this pool.
    Losing gives me no joy as well. I alsolost money staking my own games

    Take heart if u lost, especially those who are naive in this game like Youngets.

  18. Wisdom says:

    Admin you said we should send our account details to u, i have sent mine but i have not seen alert

  19. Vadar Soliski says:

    Congratulations to the few who used my 4/4 contribution to the blog. more to come

  20. Code name 9 says:

    Congratulations to the few who took part in my 4/4 draws from the English tier of football. This further proves to you that the outcome of a match has nothing to do with who is on what bar, a movement, key, or system. The outcome of a game(if rigged) is either spiritual or financially influenced. All your rsk movement and what not which has ever worked out has been purely out of a stroke of luck. only the enlightened will read in between the lines… 💀

  21. 9 says:

    Congratulations to the few who took part in my 4/4 draws from the English tier of football. This further proves to you that the outcome of a match has nothing to do with who is on what bar, a movement, key, or system. The outcome of a game(if rigged) is either spiritual or financially influenced. All your rsk movement and what not which has ever worked out has been purely out of a stroke of luck. only the enlightened will read in between the lines… 💀

  22. CHIMEX QUALITY says:

    Terrible week for all congrat to that made use of my pair 44ff/45xx c u next week

  23. Don Kingsoo says:

    All we do here is gazing
    am sure that no one forces anybody to play. some will play and win without showing appreciation but if they loose they will look for whom to blame.

  24. Mellow says:

    I wonder oooooo

  25. Muller says:

    @Admin, pls are u sure di is de week’s draw or last seasons aussie draw? Pls enlighten me sir! I cant believe dis or dreams.

  26. WeWin says:

    Always stake what you can lose.

    Gambling is the name and people are only happy when they won and excited to stake all their money which no one send them to do so.

    If you can loose in gambling then stop visiting this site because it is not for everyone.

  27. Sponsor a Girl to University and to play Bet9ja which one is more Risky, please help

  28. Edithoge says:

    Big girls don’t cry. It is well with my soul, and to all who lost too.

  29. SAMFOL says:

    To God be the glory and congrats to those who used no 38XXXX FIXED. I said panel or no panel. No 38XXXX MUST DRAW.

  30. SAMFOL says:

    To God be the glory no 38XXXX FIXED. Panel or no panel. Check banker room for the reason. Congrats to those who use it.

  31. Udeme says:

    People are lamenting as if anyone send them to play pool. You don’t know that pool is for matured people and not for children, week13 I posted a key that cost some people annual salary that produced 4/6 no one say thank you, this week the pairs produced 2/4. You matter quit and stop insulting those who study day and night to see how you can make it. If pool is not giving you the needed result, try something else. Thanks.

  32. Fabolous says:

    15/16 must give one draw today. If you have up to 500k split it 250 each for both numbers

  33. Chyke says:

    Angel games, failed me and the most annoying side of it, is the 20k he said he will collect after winning based on the authencity of the key.
    Please admin,mind the kind of people you allow to sale games in nap market.

  34. SAMFOL says:

    To whom have the gut and not lamentations. Go and play nos 1XX & 11XX today on online. It is two draws. Nap 1XXXX & 11XXXX. Reason one. Capital from page the borderline game on top of Try, from wk 10 it has been on draw, fail, pattern. Check wk 10 drew, wk 11 failed, wk 12 drew till now. Reason two. If u can have access to DE YOUNG ADVANCE FIXTURES. At back page 6 uk bet. games at nos 5 and 6 carries 47/48 just bank on JOHN KINGS 1st nap column for 2 draws. Ref wks 7, 12, 14. In conclusion Nap 1XXXX & 11XXXX It is 2/2 and recovered, stop lamentations. Happy sunday to u all.

  35. Monday obiowo says:

    My dear ochmann pls do not be discourage someday you win someday you lose pool is funny sometimes am always praying for you for better days ahead before Xmas old tex me your number I want to have a chat with you this is my number 08039589939 looking faword to it remain bless ochmann and family

  36. WinningPoacher says:

    Poland vs Italy is FT Draw.

    The week of play 14 to play its number.


  37. Chinenye says:

    If is there any other match today, if yes please what and what?

  38. Muller says:

    @chinenye, go and bet 1xx, 4xx 11xx and recover ur losess! Rememember me oo!

  39. KONGE IRE says:

    I thought I’m the only one dumbfounded by this result, in fact I’m so sad that ifeel I should take a break for a while. Sorry to everyone that loss thru my game and others. May God grant us winnings in future weeks, always stake responsibly no matter what!

  40. Fesmart - Onyeka says:

    @SAMFOL, do not near coupon no. 1 as a draw. I take God beg u. That game wl end 2 : 0 in favour of Scotland. Just save ur cash my broda. @Admin, my broda no vex oo abt d comment I dropped last night wc u disapproved. No be say I de spoil ur show. But wetin dz guys de do don too much. E de pain my heart. One luv.

  41. Endy says:

    Hahahahahaahaahaah, I no fit laugh After going through lamentations, Honestly 44 was d most spicy Draw I have ever consumed here . The number sweet likE onga. Nevertheless, bank 1 and 11 as two unfailing draws this Sunday. I have already stake 1k on dem. Remember to always stake what you can let go please no matter how spicy the movement is.

  42. pOsH says:

    Hmmm… what a week, an awful one indeed!

    Banker room:
    44FF pair 45XX CLEARED

    Discussion room:
    20FF pair 29XX CLEARED
    34XX pair 39FF CLEARED
    36FF pair 37FF FAILED.

    In all 3/7 not too bad in a week of disaster.

  43. Fesmart - Onyeka says:

    Can 11xx & 14xx save me and my pple? Let’s see how it goes.

  44. Kennifancy says:

    It’s not a bad week at all. I got 4/6. Most forecasters here are in the habit of killing games indiscriminately. It’s bad for business. I want to advise that you do your homework well before writing a banker off. 29 and 34 were regarded as cannot. What eventually happened to the two digits? Forecast well. Consult different papers apart from the RSK papers and NIGER. Do proper research before posting and you will be winning every other week.

  45. Roy says:

    SO YOU STILL WANT GO STAKE NO 1 AND 11 TO DRAW ABI ..HAHA, both can never draw @samfo…may be u no see the result. Ochmann , you are good forget what Kora played, high star for you…when your banker played he smiled without letting us know he won with it. Keep staking better days ahead as he said .

  46. Is well…. we shall remain resolute! we shall continue!!! all must be well…. I still believe in Solution tipster family….

  47. Kelvin compiler Reagan says:

    That dude that said something about flight ticket money call me let’s reason 07083441546

  48. Victor says:

    Though I lost a huge amount this week, “I no say e go beta one day”. The man who tried and failed is better than the man who failed to try. kudos to all who tried this week; there is no harm in trying

  49. Youngetsss says:

    Apologies to everyone who I may have offended with such statements. The was a reason for that. To be honest I started playing games from here in week 10. I followed up the results and found out that ochman was good at his picks. Hence I said in week 11 I should give a try. Took a game and staked 45k single draw on bet9ja. It ended 2-3
    .. 45k gone. I kept mute. Week 12. I said okay keys may have failed. Let me try week 12 games. I pulled out 39k this time to play the draw @ .3.30 odds to recover my loss. Booom . 2-3 again.. I didn’t talk oo. I kept quiet.. almost 85k gone in 2 weeks. Week 13 I didn’t play the draw. And it played. Week 14 I tried ochman games with 21k. . Lost. It’s painful loosing money when there is so much assurance on a game. Thats my annoyance . So you people should saying what you don’t. Most people commenting here can’t even afford 5k on a single draw. That’s why they are talking all trash here wish I can post screen shots. Am not blaming ochman or who so ever. I believe pool is a game of luck but the assurance should be minimised. People may get misled to staking what would make them comit suicide. Ochman am sorry if my words were harsh to you. I don’t need a refund. It’s a game of luck.. just that I played the wrong games at the wrong time. Sincere apologies. We move on.. no more comments from here. Admin no take offense. Thank you

    • Mr Thomas says:

      my brother nobody forced you to play the games. so bear your loss quietly. that’s gambling for you

    • ONE IS ONE says:

      Young, take hrt. There is more to sports gambling than meets d eyes. Believe it or not, softwares are monitoring, so also, Mamon n his agents. My advise is, stake on pairs, instead of bankers. … And pls people, the Admin has posted a lot of write ups n expert opinions about betting on dis web site. Take time to read em; don’t just jump into the week’s forum.

    • Draw Consultant says:

      Youngetsss watch out for my post this week and stay focus you will smile and recover all your loss and rem to show love

    • PJ WORLDWIDE says:

      Brother ur plight is understood. No shake, possibilities ahead YOUNGETS 👍

  50. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    Hope game X11X and X16X will help me recover little that I lost.
    Promoters cannot easily extort me now bc I hit them hard last week(wk 13)
    Week 15,I will use 1/10 of my proceed to hit them again.Lets apply wisdom when staking.

    • Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

      X15X picked the draw,Can both supply?I see X15X and X16X as pair.
      Game 5 and 6 of Short List SAF carrying 15 and 16.

  51. Muller says:

    Admin, pls warn ROY from discouraging people from staking nosxx1xx and xx11xx to recover their losess becos i av already staked 50k on them at 11. 5 odds.

  52. Mellow says:

    Nap sellers please check your games very well before marketing, note that buyers spends much on these games. Please na beg I dey beg ooooooo.

  53. sir white says:

    ALL HAIL 2BEN he is giant in dis blog with xx45xx46xx. People misunderstand him as being proud but he is simply TALK N DO

  54. Fabolous says:

    Congrats to those that use the above pair 15 and 16 now 15 drew

  55. Fabolous says:

    Should I still fold my hands 6xxxx and 15p16 15xxxx and 16ffff…I won 350,000..I living the fabulous life.

    • please carry me along…. Bro… Many analysts…. you don’t really know who to follow….?…. Any strong pair Or banker Or betting let me know…. 08038593952

    • Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

      Congrats Lad! Risk taking is 50/50 ,Enjoy with me bc I also buggled N600K from promoters last week from my NAP X5X13X36.
      They took 10k back from me this week.

      Week 15 is the real deal.

  56. Roy says:

    How far @Muller ….its not my killings that will hinder your games from not playing… I killed them with authority.. Draws are fixed, dead games are also fixed

  57. Draw Consultant says:

    The return of the master last week I brought out 34 as a fixed draw but was a test run against this week though I didn’t post it …
    Watch out for my two bankers this week must must just look for pair to complete your nap

    Watch! Watch! Watch!

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