Week 13 Pool Result 2018: English Football Pools Betting Results

Week 13 Pool Result


Week 13 Pool Result

Draws On Coupon

Congrats To All Winners In The House

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  1. GOLDENGILO says:

    My sincere apology to Admin and the premium group members for the failure of my pair this week.Its just come that way,I owe you millions of apology but promise to put smile unto your faces again next week as God liveth.In the mean time,my unbeaten run still continue in the banker room as coupon 1XXP2 delivered

  2. Man of God says:

    This is terrible, God help us.

  3. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    My NAP X5X13X36X 2/3 Already after the sledge hammer in cannot room.Looking forward for my X5X tommorrow.

  4. Escalade says:

    Agent, David udoh and Leonard. New week has come, week 14. If I ever hear my key is set from any of u. This house will not contain us. Good facastar key can never set every week in life. Pls I use God take beg two of u. Holidays for u guys.tnks

  5. appahj9 says:

    My Abel Admin,
    My banker enter *xx13xx*

  6. Ime Etang says:

    We shouldnt allow the result to weigh us down, as i said earlier, week 14 is the Real Deal. I won with the key last season, it brings 3 draws with no pair. So make ur hares while the sun shines. Thanks in anticipation.

  7. hamburg says:

    And there was silent in heaven,is well with our soul,both sellers and buyers.

  8. pOsH says:

    100% score for me.
    Banker room pair 36XX pair 37FF CLEARED
    Discussion room pair 47XX pair 49?? CLEARED
    Cannot room FF38FF CLEARED.

  9. KONGE IRE says:

    A disastrous outcome, let’s hope for better luck next week.

  10. #CHIEF says:

    Wise people learn from history, foolish people learn from experience. if u choose POOL as a way of life, be ready for d headaches & heart breaks. Ask urself: From wk4 to wk13, how much have u staked? How much have u won?

  11. Unique banker says:

    Go and play 12 as draw tomorrow

  12. Lordsugar says:

    After completing my masters in the banker’s joint….. tomorrow is only for online stakers like me…. coupon number 12….. will never fail to deliver…..if this game fail…I will vote for. A p.c again

  13. Mr Thomas says:

    Pool go PULL people. Let’s gamble responsibly.

  14. Lordsugar says:

    Everyone must take responsibility for all his or her own actions.. the fact that you successfully failed to win pool doesn’t means that others are not winning..if you are tired please give way and never distract others. thanks

    • Sheriff says:

      I totally agree with you… They only posted numbers we choose which number or persons we want to play their games… So it is our responsibility if we lose… Because some other person’s won.

  15. Alchemist says:

    I’m still observing……

  16. ugochukwu says:

    please am interested in up coming sure barker. please send one for me this week

  17. Nwa9ja says:

    The truth is that lemme go for brake because pool people have taking huge sum of money out of my pocket every weekend still no winning ,,,,I have buying game from nap market still yet no winning time to quit poollllllllllll, if my mind can lemme,

  18. Ochmann says:

    If u are a fan of Ochmann, continue to play my one banker.

    If e nor go draw, I nor go post am.

  19. Ochmann says:

    If u are my fan, continue to play my one banker online s from now on.
    If e nor sure, I nor go put am hia

    Make I salute some sure guys…@Admin##@Estimable##@gilo##@itang##@rooney##@perryK##…ati be be lo

  20. SAMFOL says:

    I have said it no much delibrations. Today no 12 will draw to give us three over five. Already I gave out nos 10FF,, 12??, 34XX, 36XX, 37FF check banker room and discussion room. Today no 12XXXX WILL DELIVERED. Dont be distracted about the cannot room. No 12XXX FIXED.

  21. Congratulations to premium group members, keep following steady I have draws in my pocket

  22. We should know when you play pool, note that its a game of chance today might be for you tomorrow may be for another person but one thing that is sure you can not have key that set every WK pls admin try crest a three man nap in this forum where you pick best three and post their BKS for the members to try every WK let’s see how it goes may god bless us all and give us wisdom to make the right choice in Jesus name Amen

  23. udeme says:

    Play 5 and 7 as two sure bankers today

  24. Omang Roy says:

    New comer

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