Special Invitation.. I Will Like To See You In My Wedding/Trad Marriage.

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Greetings SolutionTipsters….

Guess What?

Admin is getting married on Nov 10th.


I know this might come as surprise to some of you…. Especially those who think am one advanced man..

Well, truth is Admin is one young man.. yet to marry…… but now about to marry..lol.

And…. i wish to see you that day.. It’ll serve my greatest pleasure after my wedding ring that day.

Seriously… I’ll be so thrilled to have a canopy filled with SolutionTipster fans.

The feeling alone could ginger me to overcome my dancing fears…. Am such a terrible dancer… In fact, if you’re coming to watch me dance that day, it’ll likely be disappointing.. pls forgive me…. let me apologize in Advance. lol

On a serious note.. I will so appreciate the presence of solutiontipster fans.

…………i will

But…. circumstances and distance happens.. I Understand many of us live very far apart.. Hence, many who may want to attend might not afford to..

Not to Worry…. you can still send your gift in cash…lol..

O yes…. When i return, i will deliver sure draw via sms to all who sent their gifts. It will serve a useful souvenir because anyone who gives wedding gift deserves one. I therefore owe you one.

Account Number To send me your cash gift…

First bank – 3081088800

Name – Igwilo Raphael


GT Bank – 0041149543

Name _ Igwilo Raphael U.

Please whatever you send… Kindly text me (08174943732) so i can store your number and be able to reach you when the souvenir game is available.

Finally, I want to solicit again for the presence of all that lives within…. Please text me that you’ll come so i can know the number of persons coming from solutiontipster and make special provisions for them.

Marriage Ceremony Venue.

Ukaere Compound… Ogbunka Village…..

About 10 mins drive from Nkwo Umunze round about…

Orumba South LGA, Anambra State.

The compound is along the road on the right hand side.

Please text for further details or direction.

Thanks, and God bless you as you honor our invitation.

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  1. enzo says:

    Congrats admin. I wish you a successful marriage ceremony and a happy married life.

  2. OLA OLU says:

    may GOD keep the day for us

  3. GOLDENGILO says:

    Happy Marriage in advance..The Lord will uphold the day and bless the union

  4. Dunamis says:

    congrats man and a successful wedding in advance but you didn’t add date.

  5. J J Andy. says:

    Congrats Admin on your marriage ceremonies. Wishing you the best of the season man of the year.

  6. Robinson Onyewenu says:

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful wife to be. I wish you all the best.

  7. Godswill O. says:

    happy married life in advance, more grace bro

  8. Ubani chinturu says:

    Congrats, wishing ur union all the best.

  9. The Guy says:

    Congratulations. Remain blessed

  10. Ochmann says:

    Congrats to a honourable Admin. Wishing you a happy married. Lagos far o, if not, why not? Ochmann for dey there to celebrate you live.

  11. Stanley says:

    Great news! Congrate my able Admin, may God see you through. Sure my wedding gift must be there to represent me. Happy marriage life!!

  12. fegzy14 says:

    admin wish you all the best, long live.

  13. wise one says:

    congratulations it’s not easy to find a good wife

  14. BEN-K says:

    My InTeGRiTY ADMin..
    Wish You Successful Marriage In Advance….. Age More

  15. SIMPLE EKAETTE says:

    I wish you well on the jouning of no return happy married and may GOD BLESS UR NEW HOME.

  16. Valentino says:

    Congratulations the man of mans God will make it go well in Jesus name all devil plan will fail like dead match be happy bro about to be the main man at home too

  17. Fineway says:

    Congrats! happy n joyful wedluck. wishing u good things that life can offer thru christ our saviour.amen.admin i hail

  18. Lawrence says:

    Nice one my honorable admin, I wish you success

  19. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    Congrats Admin,and happy married life.
    Actually your wife is my Sister,And Anambra people are good people.

  20. KONGE IRE says:

    Congrats for the bold step, I pray that God will bless the union abundantly in Jesus name! Welcome to the club!!

  21. CHIEF APEE says:


  22. Bigdrims says:

    Congrats on ur 4th coming wedding may u enjoy peace bliss n evry good thing associated with marriage

  23. AGBAOSO says:

    Admin I am happy to hear that you have found a helper your complement as a man according to Genesis 2:18, 24. (I thought you have before) May the almighty God take control and bless all your marital activities in Jesus name Amen. Congrats.

  24. Gifto says:

    Honestly I thought you are married. If not for distance I would have love to be there …I wish you all the best IJN..

  25. ngozi says:

    Admin Congrats in advance,I can’t be there live but in spirit. i ‘m gona recharge ur mtn line with 1k credit. Expect it 2moro

  26. Harribet says:

    God will surely perfect his will towards your wedding. Happy married life. From the stable of Harribet.

  27. Airhunde says:

    Congratulations i wish you success and am glad to hear dat happy married life IJMN

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