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I have listed five things every one destined to make it in betting should have knowledge of. Firstly, let’s take a quick look at the history of betting. Betting or pools betting is the act of predicting the outcomes of future events which began in the year 1923. It was formerly referred to as “Pari-mutuel” or “URI”. Pari-mutuel was a term used to mean the kind of betting, where all bets of a particular type are placed together in a pool and distributed among the winners. In the modern day, “Parimutuel” means that we have a fixed payout percentage.

You can either bet legally through a bookmaker or illegally through a bookie.

Here are the tips:

Know your sports well

Every bettor should have a deep knowledge of their sports before they decide to bet on any. If you’re betting on a sport where you don’t have enough knowledge, seek help from someone (not your competitor) that can put you through on the sport. That aside, another point is not to pretend that you know it when you clearly do not; your competitor could use this against you and to his advantage. It is better you lose because you didn’t predict well than lose as a result of your ignorance.


Listen to professional bettors

Isaac Newton once said that he was able to see far only because he stood on the shoulders of giants. Professional bettors are good in predicting future outcomes of events, make them your mentors. Smart gamblers find great opportunities in events where the general public is siding differently. This is so true for a team that has been performing well during past seasons; they could just rise out of the ashes of failure like the mythological Phoenix.


Be ready to sacrifice

Successful betting requires your time and money as well. Be ready to give it all of this. Study Stats and Live scores of events and as I said earlier, do not just dabble in making a wrong prediction, because of your carelessness. Another useful tip is to know when to sacrifice and not. In betting, not all your sacrifices will pay off. So be prepared!


Be patient

Betting demands from you all the patience you can give it. Successful bettors are patient and do not make multiple bets with the hope that they would win big. It is the riskiest way to bet, even if you have studied the stats and had prior knowledge of the game. Avoid teasers!


Use a reliable betting bankroll

A bankroll that absorbs loses is the best. The first step is to have a long-term sensibility, so you can have extra money from betting. This is clearly not the culture with a lot of average bettors. Never risk staking too much of your bankroll in a bet. Do not claim you are knowledgeable of the value of a bet and stake too much on it. Kelly’s formula will provide a useful guide in staking bankrolls. Use it!

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