Week 12 Pool Result 2018: English Football Pools Betting Result

Week 12 Pool Result


Week 12 Pool Result

Draws On Coupon

Congrats To All Winners In The House

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  1. GOLDENGILO says:

    Wow!Admin,I am speechless.Thank you for this super reward

  2. GOLDENGILO says:

    Wow!This is incredible,fantastic and absolutely beyond my imagination and power but Jehovah is in control…Congratulations as usual as my two superb pairs delivered 100 percent

    Premium Group 21XXXP25XXX 2/2
    Banker Room 10XXXP18XXXX 2/2
    4/4 Winning line
    Meet me next week for another delicacies

  3. ufoskanna says:

    Thank God for those of us that played my week12 pair X13XpairF31F. From Soccer X Research for one. Week13. Chelsea @ no:7 Away. Count is opponent Total alphabet plus Chelsea for one banker draw. X18X. Admin Weldon.

  4. Nnamdi.o says:

    Is a pithy that the nap cut 1 nap 16f23x26x 2/3 udo di no much talk but one day we shall be there i greet u adim eze nwere nafdac number


    am sorry my fans for the pair that failed 17ff pair 19ff the main key ROTHERHAM drew watch out for next week super banker.

  6. Congratulations once again if you have been following

  7. Itauma richard says:

    Master GoldenGilo, I’m trulyhumbled by your performance. Congratulation! more power to your elbows.

  8. Ukporamaka says:

    23 and 16 was murdered in sabisa section.. but we already knew that..one of the digits must produce draw.. henceforth.. follow me every Friday in the discussion room for your 2/4… for free for complete one month..,NB . try me for one month.

  9. Afam says:

    Goldengilo, you have been performing signs and wonders! More divine touch, man!

  10. Wow I will like to joined this great association, so I can play it this coming week

  11. Master Goldengilo! Congratulations sir, ur wonderful

  12. Wow I will like to joined this great association, so I can play it this coming week

  13. JOLLOF says:

    Respect ime etang, you are the king of bob morton,infact you are bob morton itself. more grace to grind.

  14. Fesmart - Onyeka says:

    Kudos to u, Gilo. U have shown d world not just ds honourable houz dt u worth being in d Premium Room. I said it d very wk u broke dt gene. Just keep ur GOLDEN kite flying so high. Congrats mehn!

  15. Yakki says:

    God bless you guy ,,@Goldengilo

  16. OdogwuInvestment says:

    Not to forget pair president ime etang i duff my cap for you sir, well done

  17. Bass says:

    Admin Sir I sent you a text regarding the failed transaction and also payment for the premium member group… Please reply…

  18. SAMFOL says:

    Congrats to those who try our week 12 games. Nos 16ff, 24ff, 39xx, 42xx, 43xx delivered.

  19. Ndy says:

    Oga golden thanks for the rescue mission in the premium group,if not it would have been a two weeks of great loss….hope I get my capital as much draws is out.

  20. GOLDENGILO says:

    Thank you all for complimenting me on my good works,we shall all be prosperous and victorious together in the on going season.Let us unanimously work together to wreck the bookies this season and recover all our loot from them.No hidden place for promoters,they must pay back!

  21. Dunamis says:

    last week I said that I will be playing your games but the game I bought in the nap market took me off because it was from another great man in this blog but no problem because tomorrow is another day. Congratulations 9 straight week pair in a row and the way you are going you can deliver all through the season without making noise.

  22. Centurion01 says:

    Congratulations admin for this foresight and creativity. Meanwhile, I salute you Goldengilo, for your pairs delivered 2/2

  23. hamburg says:

    @Goldengilo keep it up,more grace

  24. Usman-Ezepair says:

    thank God for my 9bk..
    See u all next week13 with 2pair14

  25. Firstblessed says:

    Admin this is unlike u sir, have sent several messages on ime etangs refund yet no reply.

  26. rafatu says:


  27. nwanneka ogonna says:

    it is a good job bro, keep it up.

  28. Kolexy says:

    @ Sir Goldengilio, the secret of your success is Humility, please stay humble and keep away from pride, because “pride goes before fall” MaybGod continue to increase your wisdom.

  29. CHIEF says:

    My banker x26x wt proof in banker room played. Nap x18x26x ff28ff my pair 23 & 48 has already played 23, awaiting 48.

  30. Humble David says:

    Thank GOD My dearling 10xx

  31. Ime Etang says:

    My pair performance in both Bankers Room and Premium Group pale into insignificance as my 4/4 turns out to be 2/4. Expect my 3 draws for week 13 this sunday evening. Thanks in anticipation.

  32. Iyke says:

    Yeah! It’s there again ff24ff pair xx25xx.
    Week 13 is ready

  33. nwanwa says:

    finally I won with premium room😄

  34. Et says:

    Welldone guys

  35. TOM says:


  36. Mr. Element says:


  37. Nwadike prince says:

    my man, u ar d best. kp it up.

  38. Ansa Jonathan says:

    Admin, Am Back 4 life, My Banker 29xx Delivered.

  39. angel says:

    congrats to those that used my game in R S K room 12x 13x 17f 18x 3/4 see u in week 14 with two unfailing banker

  40. Ubani chinturu says:

    Comgrats Ime Etang, Goldengilo & others for ur performances this week 12, it can only get better.

  41. Igwa says:

    Congrats to those that played my game at the last minutes in dicussion room 9x 10x 18x 39x 24f 33f

  42. Kessy says:

    Sir,how do I get next week draws? Thx

  43. Mazinuel 04 says:

    too many draws this weekend!
    little return.

    I celebrate all great pammers here!


    Nobody they hail or great Admin, anyway Admin well done, more Grace n strength to you.

  45. evanny says:

    D golden boy, i join d world to celebrate u on dis special performeance,i pray dat God shoud open ur eye more & more to see d draws,great performance,,,,,also d great estimable,Ime,perm master …….u guys ‘re gud,congrats

  46. I want to join play this week 13 please send me three numbers on system

  47. Mikedrawz says:

    My GOD.All these praisez for just ! Guy?even though i didnt use the digits , i must confess dat i’m totally impressed by yr performance-U TRY MAN.i just and sincerely hope it doesn’t get into yr head.

  48. Greetings Admin, I post two sure banker for week 12 ..I.e 23 and 43. It deliever but I could not even see my post on this platform. Thanks.

  49. Benard says:

    I one d weeks game oh

  50. stiano says:

    stiano says:
    3 days ago at 7:17 pm
    Hello, admin and the entire tipstars, with friends around the world, i greet you all.
    My contributions this week goes this way, since the season check soccer ‘X’ research, page 2, were they have SOCCER 1.2.X.RATINGS, the number with 23% and 24%, has been producing a draw every week.
    But sorry for last week it fails to produce.
    This week 12, it’s projects no. xx8xx pairs xx9xx as one or two draws.
    admin Sir, this is what i posted last week 12 both in pairs thread and bankers thread, and now i didn’t see my name in Champions list, where’s the error from? thanks

      • Simon says:

        Pls Admin am new here..

      • princewill says:

        hi sir good day were ever you are I have being hearing about your marvelous deed you have being doing to the people of grace pls continue to be doing well God will also anoint your head and spirit for more prediction for us. OK am new here in this platform I want also to be blessed also thank so how do I joined you people for progress.

        and bless
        my God is your strength

  51. Godwin says:

    Please make una add me for this millionaire club abeg

  52. Mighty says:

    I thank u all for ur performac last wk u all should keep it up.

  53. Simon says:

    Pls, am new here can someone show me the way pls?

  54. Chindasco says:

    I stumbled on this site yesterday and I have glued to it and I must confess that I am impressed with your hard work but please can anyone show me the way? # Honestly, the economy is biting hard ooo my brothers

  55. Ibeneme Ngozi says:

    Waoh wonderful, i have interest to follow

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