Week 09 Pools Champions 2018: SOlutionTipster hall Of fame

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Week 09 Pools Champions

SolutionTipster Hall Of Fame Update

Special thanks to all who strive to post great games on weekly basis for our collective use in this website. I honestly appreciate you all.

the week was absolutely tough.. but

…as usual, some proved to be masters in the game and came out in flying colors.


pools champions

Banker Masters…..

  1. X-man with 32cbk – Authority
  2. Ochmann with 25cbk – Authority
  3. frank with 17cbk – very good
  4. Javi with 44cbk – very nice
  5. PGIFT20 with 32cbk – Thanks for this
  6. Blaqprince with 25cbk – good
  7. Humphrey52 with 24cbk – thanks chief
  8. MoneyPenny with 27cbk – very good
  9. LAMPARD – with 19cbk and 27cbk – BOSS
  10. Godsfavour Adams with 39cbk – authority
  11. fame flourish with 32cbk – good

Pair Masters…..

  1. elite Myname with 28ff pair 39xx – nice proof sir
  2. Ime Etang with 17xx pair 25xx – Excellent job
  3. Onyeka Fesmart with 5ff pair 16xx – Nice job
  4. Lawrence with 5ff pair 25xx – so fine
  5. Mr GEE with 22ff pair 32xx – thanks for this bro
  6. PERRY K COMPILLER D ORACLE OF CARDIFF with 38ff pair 39xx – thanks chief
  7. FOundation911 with 29ff pair 38xx –    well done sir
  8. Bonafide Staunch Manchi with 13ff pair 32xx – nice job bro
  9. India Oscar with 16xx pair 26ff – Great job
  10. Chimex Quality with 38xx pair 39xx – Perfect
  11. PRAGMATIC SOCIALIST with 27xx pair 28ff  – thanks
  12. Iyke with 25xx pair 26ff – great job
  13. Chris Goddey with 23ff pair 25xx – nice job
  14. Gideonite with 38xx pair 39xx – Perfect
  15. Blaqprince with 35ff pair 38xx – thanks thanks
  16. Mike with 25xx pair 26ff – please change your name someone else using it before you
  17. Ijebu Master with 18ff pair 27xx – very nice
  18. St Lenny with 38xx pair 39xx – Kudos chief
  19. Humphrey52 with 17xx pair 25xx – perfect
  20. BaloRooney with 22ff pair 32xx – pls don’t post/suggest dead game in banker room again
  21. Henry Onuoha with 38xx pair 39xx
  22. Goldengilo with 29ff pair 39xx – chief
  23. Promzy002 with 14ff pair 25xx – cheers

King Of Winning Lines…..

  1. Pool Archive with 5/5 winning line – You are our reigning champion
  2. Danjuma with 3/5 winning line – thanks sir

SolutionTipster Reigning Best Player Award Holder




Please if your game played and i committed your name in the list, kindly inform me through comment box so that i can include your name.

Defaulters – Their game delivered but somehow.. was against the rule of the banker room. They worth a mention…….

  1. Fibonacci – Banker failed but pair delivered.
  2. Obiano Nap – Banker delivered but nap cut..
  3. ZITO – winning line more than 5 games.
  4. Stiano – gave two draws but only one delivered
  5. Phlucci – gave two bankers and only one delivered
  6. Austin3:16 – banker played but no proof
  7. Mr Uche – two bankers delivered but winning line failed
  8. [Draws Consultant] – banker delivered and pairs failed
  9. Ken001 – banker delivered but others failed
  10. Nelson Kporobu – Banker delivered and others failed
  11. nwamos winning line delivered but no proof
  12. LEONARD UZOBUEZE – banker delivered but no proof
  13. Nigerman – pair delivered but no proof

If you are wondering why your name appeared in the default list, Please read our posting instructions in the banker room.

We are not under obligation to reward those who appear in the defaulters list.. Thank you

We use this weekly report to keep track of those performing better in the house..

Please if your games have played the number of times  required for you to win our prize. Kindly text me (08174943732). I’ll respond asap.

All The Persons Selling Game Behind The Scene. Please don’t bother asking for the reward. The One you receive secretly is enough. I know you and if you try trick me, it’ll make me even more strict with you.


We immensely appreciate your efforts . Gracias in the highest.

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  1. Fibonacci says:

    admin I found my name in the defaulters list.. I stated categorically that I was changing to a hotter pair with was 15p45xx…pls do verify…my four weeks reward should be denied…..
    Week 6-27xp28
    Week 7-9xxp19
    Week 9-15p45xxx..
    Please do the needful


  3. Fibonacci says:

    Admin you know what 2k is not.d issue;its d accolades.which I kmw.have won .I have been dropping pairs not bankers..so u should know it was in reference to the first post..anyways. No long thing.am sure my expression was self.explanatory..

    • I’m going to send your 2k… I just want to point out something to you.

      Do you not believe that someone used that banker and failed?

      I always tell everyone to be specific with their posts..

      Your contribution becomes misleading when you post two different things and only one survive.

      If you want to post banker, post it. If you want to post pair, post only pair. If you want to post winning line, post it..

      But if you choose to post all.. We’ll only recognize the work only if they all deliver.

  4. Dennis says:

    admin, pls i have some draws for this wk, how do i get my return?

  5. stiano says:

    admin maybe i made a mistake with my my typing, it’s pairs not bankers, please

  6. stiano says:

    admin it maybe typing error, it’s wasn’t bankers but pairs

    • stiano says:

      admin Sir. this was my post for week 9, i didn’t say it was 2 bankers, check the write up well and let me know where is my mistake, i said it was a mistake, if i may ask if i ever posted above the rules before? thanks

      Hello, admin and the entire tipstars, with friends around the world, i greet you all.
      My contributions this week goes this way, since the season check soccer ‘X’ research, page 2, were they have SOCCER 1.2.X.RATINGS, the number with 23% and 24%, has been producing a draw every week.
      This week 9, it’s projects no. xx32xx and xx40xx as one or two draws.

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