Week 08 Pool RSK Papers 2018: Soccer , Bob Morton, Capital International

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Week 08 Pool Rsk Papers page: Click on each image to view more clearly..

Special Advance Fixture

Soccer Research

Bob Morton

Capital International


Week 08 Pool Rsk papers


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  1. peter says:

    Week 08 Pool Rsk papers

  2. Dking says:

    14xxx,prov goto front of capital nytime u draws are mostly at anytime u minus d number with x form d down x number and u see d answer there bank on d answer,reff;last two season and last week 7 current last week it was x2xx dis week 8; 2-16=14xxbanker

  3. Fibonacci says:

    Communitu service is our goal.tp dos following d rsk room dis week promises to be great
    .wen u see ur record forecast sppeain rsk u are garanteed
    12p32-bob Morton
    35xxp39fd- soccer
    Play 35,12,25 or 40,39,32
    Can’t type phone got issue.but try separate cos d pairs can’t fail.

  4. Dking says:

    play dis game and remember me becouse i doont have money to play game dis .so try and remember me on monday 12x14x20x29x40x8x)then if dis one on bet9ja 11=home win must ,31=home win must .13=anybody win must,no 4=home win must ,no=27anybody win must .Tanx

  5. Qarah says:

    Good Morning the Admin!!!
    I present my week 8 pair
    43 pair 45!!! (RSK)
    Thank you sir!!!

  6. chidi says:

    Pls Admin I have 28, 35, 38, 39, 42 for winning line thanks. it comes once a season in soccer

  7. KSTAR says:

    BobMorton Free Gift
    18 18 18 18 CBK
    Proof: Go to back page of BobMorton where you have “Compilers Competition Pair.”
    There are 3 sets of pair : A B C
    You will see READING written twice. I:e appering two times in A&B
    Bank on 18 18 18
    Nap: $ 18 $ 22 $ 37.

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