Week 05 Champions List 2018: Our Hall Of Fame

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Week 05 Pools Champions

SolutionTipster Hall Of Fame Update

Special thanks to all who strive to post great games on weekly basis for our collective use in this website. I honestly appreciate you all.

the week was absolutely tough.. but

…as usual, some proved to be masters in the game and came out in flying colors.


pools champions

Banker Masters…..

  1. Chukwupoto with 39cbk – simple and correct proof
  2. Compiler Alayo with 12cbk – We thank you sir
  3. RODX with 21cbk – We are grateful sir
  4. Engr PRINCE with 36cbk – nice proof sir
  5. Best with 8cbk – perfect
  6. Waters with 13cbk – Nice one nice one
  7. Idiyake David with 13cbk – thanks for this bro
  8. Prince with 36cbk – Nice one prince
  9. Ushman-Ezepair with 12cbk – We appreciate
  10. BaloRooney with 21cbk – Well Articulated
  11. MMM with 20cbk – Perfect
  12. EMMY with 13cbk – i see you

Pair Masters…..

  1. Big Help with 8xx pair 28ff – Thanks bro
  2. Ansa Jonathan with 32xx pair 34xx – I trust you
  3. Fibonacci with 8xx pair 14ff – nice one bro
  4. Ime Etang with 9ff pair 20xx – Cool stuff
  5. Chrisdon with 21xx pair 22ff – Nice one sir
  6. Mohammed with 9ff pair 10xx – we appreciate you sir
  7. Ijebu Master with 47ff pair 49xx – Nice one
  8. Estimable with 34xx pair 36xx – Excellent
  9. Tomlee with 19ff pair 20xx – thanks sir
  10. Hycient with 26ff pair 36xx – this is good. thanks sir
  11. Mexy35 with 3ff pair 13xx – We see you bro
  12. Chinez International with 20xx pair 28ff – Autentic
  13. LORDBEN with 8xx pair 9ff – So fine
  14. GoldenGilo with 8xx pair 9ff – Something nice
  15. Bonafide Staunch Manchi with 44ff pair 49xx – cheers

King Of Winning Lines…..

  1. Compiler Alayo with 3/4 winning line – Kudos sir.. we reference you
  3. Crest with 3/4 winning line – God bless you bro
  4. MC Power with 3/5 winning line – thanks sir
  5. Waters with 4/6 winning line – So fine
  6. Gentlesoul with 3/5 winning line
  8. mmm with 5/6 winning line – You’re good

SolutionTipster Reigning Best Player Award Holder





Please if your game played and i committed your name in the list, kindly inform me through comment box so that i can include your name.

Defaulters – Their game delivered but somehow.. was against the rule of the banker room. They worth a mention…….

  1. Drawsangel – banker played and pair failed
  2. foundatin911 – pair delivered but banker failed
  3. tosco – two bankers delivered but no proof.. we appreciate
  4. Uduakabasi – winning line delivered but no proof
  5. tontons – winning line delivered but no proof
  6. Mr Cy – two bankers, only one delivered
  7. mr toch – banker delivered but winning line failed

If you are wondering why your name appeared in the default list, Please read our posting instructions in the banker room.

We are not under obligation to reward those who appear in the defaulters list.. Thank you

We use this weekly report to keep track of those performing better in the house..

Please if your games have played the number of times  required for you to win our prize. Kindly text me (08174943732). I’ll respond asap.

All The Persons Selling Game Behind The Scene. Please don’t bother asking for the reward. The One you receive secretly is enough. I know you and if you try trick me, it’ll make me even more strict with you.


We immensely appreciate your efforts . Gracias in the highest.

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  1. Ansa Jonathan says:

    Admin Am Still Waitin Ur Reward, Pls Remember Dat I Hv Already Complete My 4wks Pair Operation.

  2. Mr Destiney.M says:

    Admin I’m calling ur attention to my week 05 games, I had 3/6 but u never recognise it. Or does it mean ALT Bankers in permutations don’t count?? Kindly confirm my statement by finding my Name in Week 05 Banker Room & prove me wrong. My games were proven.Thank U.
    Below was the game:
    Week 05
    ALT: 21xx
    Pair: 39xx & 44ff
    Total Result was 3/6.

  3. Austin3:16 says:

    Did 34xx not play..and did austin3:16 not post it…wats d problem..

  4. Mr Destiney.M says:

    Admin so u dont want to recognise me abi??? No wahala.

    • you’re recognized sir..

      but if you’re giving game.. give game.. one banker is enough.

      when you give nap, give perm and add alternative….how many copies do you expect the user to play?

      then eventually a combination of all give winning line. I am really not a fan… if users can’t benefit from the game..

  5. Anointed says:

    Admin I played a nap that entered 2/3(8,26,36). U didn’t include my name.

  6. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    ADMIN,Somebodys name is missing there o.The first person that donated X13X with prove in week 5 bankers room is Mr Pee.How come His name was jumped?,When other peoples banker below him were picked.?

  7. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    I always specify below any post.
    Admin take note,My Chief Banker is ————- in all my post.
    I still remain loyal to the blog.
    Keep your good work going

  8. Mr Pee(pool is brain work) says:

    Why I complained was that I didnt even see the name in defaulters list,so it made me wonder whether X13X wasnt what I dropped,until I checked and re-confirmed.

  9. Austin3:16 says:

    Even after my complain…..nothing was done…not even a reply back from admin…….i feel marginalised in this group….3 weeks gone no effect was made to my complain…….

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