Coming English Season Update.

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Greetings Everyone

The English Season is two weeks away from us. To be honest, i had no plan about it alas the misfortunes that surrounded our previous efforts to secure genuine source for games.

Literally, i zeroed my mind of any contact pertaining pool keys again.

But something came up… A longtime silent follower of the blog (Tony by name) whom i can say that trust base on our long-term corporation even though i haven’t seen him just like most of you trust me but haven’t seen me, brought an opportunity for us to acquire game from top names in the UK whom his friend met at the worldcup in Russia.

I have to delete the details of communications i uploaded earlier because it could get to the source considering the viral nature of this website. It’ll threaten the success of the deal. However, if you need more details you can chat me on whatsapp.

Here’s the arrangement..

The registration requirement is 1000 pounds which is about N480,000. But on our side, we need N100,000 to send. There are other 4 contributors who will make up the remaining money.

Tony reached out to me and asked that i help him get 8 persons who will make us 10 for us to secure the opportunity. Each person paying N10,000.

Condition for the membership is…

It starts in Week 5. After week 5 winning, we’ll contribute another N100,000 to renew. After week 7 winning we’ll contribute N240,000 and after week 9 winning we’ll contribute N480,000. After then, we will renegotiate the deal.

I thought of refusing this offer but on a second thought, i remembered one man who called me sometime last year and was asking if i have a genuine source for key… that he’ll pay any amount. He narrated how he met one man where he went to watch Man United at old traford in 2015.. who sold key to him for 12,000 pounds, about 7 million naira. That he made billions with the key. The man later died in 2016 and he has no means of getting such key again.. in his quest, he has lost close to 8million buying fake keys recently. So, he contacted me because he felt i could be trusted.

For anyone is willing to be among this 8 persons, this is undoubtedly a huge risk. On the other side, it could be the holy Cash Cow all of us has been looking for. It could be the sacrifice that will rewrite history for anyone.

…the world and the goodness therein belongs to those who are willing to go extra mile. Those who are willing to take risks that majority of people see as stupidity at times…

Even if i get no one to join, i’ll personally make up money with Tony and go for it. If it fails, it’ll be the last time i tried, at least for a very long time to come.. I’ll bead farewell to keys for now. Until further notice.

A boss of mine will say..  GO HARD OR GO EXTINCT.

If you’re willing to go hard with me and Tony.

Pay the N10,000 contribution to my account.

First Bank – 3081088800

Name – Igwilo Raphael

After payment, text depositor or transfer-rer name, your phone number, to me @ 08174943732. I’ll reply you. please don’t call. Just text message…

If you have any question, you can ask in comment box or chat me on whatsapp or sms.. no calls.


Once i get the 8 like minded persons, i’ll shut the page…


Kind Regards.


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  1. ONE-TOUCH says:


  2. Roy says:

    Please let me get your what’s a a pic number for conversation, I’m 99% ready

  3. Roy says:

    It was a typographical error

  4. James. O says:

    @ admin am in for the stuff

  5. Eddybongoze says:

    Good morning admin, I am interested, when do we start making payment?

  6. Chinonso says:

    Admin am interested please is my first time to write here ,please which time the payment Will end so I can know when to pay thanks

  7. Isaac says:

    Pls sir i want to know if one can still make payment.thanks

  8. GWAI2GWAI says:


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