Part Time Writing Assistant Wanted!! Payment Involved

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Following my increasing daily responsibilities, i wish to employ the help of a writing assistance. This is to ensure that solutiontiontipster maintains its improving relevance in the betting industry.

Job Description

You will be needed to supply 20  to 30 sports gambling articles monthly (2 to 5 articles weekly). The articles will contain a minimum of 500 words each. Topics can range from gambling advice to match or competition reviews. Any Interesting topic on sports betting.

How To Source Your Articles

You will need to write the articles yourself.  Alternatively, you can google just about any gambling related article online and rewrite it before you submit to me.. If you send a copy and paste article to me, i’ll know and won’t accept it.

Payment Involved

I will pay N100 for each hundred words.. That is, if your article is 1000 words, you get paid 1000 for the article. Payment will be made every month end. …


Your job is to write the article and submit to my email. While i publish. You’ll also get the article credit.


You need to have access to a computer set and internet service before you will be considered for this.

Interested? Please send me a whasatpp or text message – 08174943732.

Alternatively, you can email me – 200kfootballmoney@gmail.com


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  1. Narrylorenzo says:

    Would love to do dis… My question is, can I analyze daily matches and send too? If yes, den watz d limit?

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