Week 37 Pool RSK Papers 2018: Capital, Bob Morton, Soccer Research

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Week 37 Pool RSK Papers


Special Advance Fixtures


Soccer Research


Capital International


Bob Morton


Happy Forecast

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  1. Admin this weeks image is not clear to open.

    Do something and Thanks for your work!

  2. Admin abeg try change the paper format they’re nt clear and enlargeable

  3. Emmanuel says:

    admin delete all this paper and upload another one, it cant zoom

  4. gooduson says:

    The papers are not zooming please work on it

  5. I belong to Jesus says:

    Week 37 bank heavily on x26x dangeham vs flyde is a fixed banker draw this week. PROOF: when ever you see Dagenham on that number with flyde pls mark it as one fixed banker draw. Nothing on earth can stop flyde from forcing dangeham to a full time. Expect to see x26x amoung the draws on coupon this week 37 brown colour.

  6. jonathan says:

    able admin God is ur strength please kindly do something plz sir d papers ar nt clear. Thanks boss

  7. nwannedede says:

    My Admin, good job, its perfectly OK now

  8. Kuti says:

    Good morning admin and all more tipsters,I have a key that played once a year in one of the rsk pepper which is capital..I don’t have enough mb to post it right now but will surely post it before 8 pm today to enable u to see it on time.and my regard goes to pool archive I greet u sir,pls I will like us to rub mind together before week 40 cause I still have a strong key in rsk pepper for every week of zoro so stay tune all

  9. Mr. Sharpman says:

    xx5xx23xx two live draws. proof any time you see last card game at back of bob morton taking to the front picture is for two draws
    first that number is a draw secondly add the number there for you second draw.
    last card game is 23cbk now you sum up the number 2+3=5cbk.
    ref. last season and first time this season. Admin please post for the house.

  10. ENZO says:

    Admin you are doing a very great job here. I did not even know that upload all these papers. God bless you so much for making pool forecast get to our door step. I am posting from Cambodia so you can imagine the pain you have relieved. I look pool so much. Thanks ones more.

  11. Observation.. Can 41&42 draw…42 repeated at joker pair taken to capital banker box like last week?? 41 repeated at 3 for 2 ex….are they playing a trick on us…well 41&42 could be 2bankers or a trap??

  12. kelvin says:

    Pls admin I urge u to pls upload another week 37 pool papers bcos the ones I uploaded can’t be zoomed

  13. Samfol says:

    Nap no 45XXX. Go to capital page 3 the two bracket games on coupon fixture any week u have the bracket on no 45. It is a nap. Also go to Bob morton page two the FORTUNE BOX. Every week of 7 played on Fail, draw, fail, draw pattern. Wk 7 failed, wk 17 draw, wk 27 failed, wk 37 to draw. Nap no 45XXX.

  14. Kuti says:

    Greetings all as I promise,it states whenever week number enter can not draw game of capital u play game one of treble chance 16,play the first number of try,open capital and bank on game 26 of full list as 3/3 than use that week number and game ontop of try as pair week10 2013/14 12xxx36xxx44 3/3 10ff,18xxx 4/5,week 44 2014/15 1xxx3xxx6xxx 3/3 44xxx/34xxx 5/5.week 45 4xxx12xxx46xxx 3/3 45xxx/40ff 4/5 and i waited it throughout last season but did not set except in austral which I told my friend that it’s only for English and it was 0/5 that week so this is English don’t say that u didn’t see it I no must of u will dis value it cause it didn’t fail on ur banker or I didn’t go to nap mrkt…all are not the same so let’s just give it a try this week 37 bank on treble chance game 1,bank on fisrt game at try,open capital full list and bank on game 26.than game ontop of try and week number for one or two draws,which is 5,6,9 perm 15/37 but I choose 15 cause every brown u minus the position of Portsmouth to Saturday date for ur banker which bring 15 so am playing it like this 5,6,9,15 possibly 4/4 thanks u all

  15. Ochmann says:

    Soccer 2nd tym movt….wks 8-9(purple to brown) and wks 36-37(purple to brown)…..
    …….soccer dead game to move to 5th no of PERM!!! D following wk…..xx44xx this wk

  16. Moneypenney says:

    @Mr Sharpman ,it has appearred before tis season and failed .

  17. I belong to Jesus says:

    Okay play this nap x15x x26x x35x look for a nice pair and perm it. Enjoy this draws 6SJFPSM

  18. jery says:

    the best : 5, 24, 46, 18, 40 22.

  19. Moneypenney says:

    @Admin , changing my banker ,saw something negative .
    Soccer page 2 cartoons @the top were the wrote 3-0 ,then player carries 30 on its jersey , 30 to draw ,
    Soccer from page @ for one X to enter lucky numbers bottom left to draw , 48?
    30*48* 2draws
    Winning line

  20. Moneypenney says:

    @Sharpman ,Wk35 !

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