Week 33 RSK Pool Paper 2018: Bob Morton, Soccer Research And Capital International

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Week 33 RSK Pool Paper 2018

Special Advance Fixtures

Soccer X Research

Capital International

Bob Morton

Happy Forecast.

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  1. papaya says:

    Pls upload rsk na paparazi aka papaya de yarn

  2. Thanks admin..we waiting for others mean while Bob third page down wia we have 16 p45…..the left side to complete its four colours so mark 16CBK confidently…
    2)Bob Morton super six pair 17P47….family no with same rating b.b……cc Mr.philip…hottest pair of the week

  3. SirOne says:

    The appearance of 10 as the first number in draw are most likely at in front of capital , you play game under it since the season
    Secondly when ever you multiply first game by 2 the answer under it is a banker since the season xxx20xxx

  4. RSK Fixed-Draw Compiler says:

    The number 1 compiler is now here on this blog. To add live to it. Check week 21 jackport 12 front of soccer research. The first number there is sequel to the last number. Make them as pair. Week 21: 2xxx/3ff this week 8must9 09035141888 you know my force in this busness. Im back

  5. Soccer research 2nd page betting shop Syd if its the same family with game under just confidently mark for 1 or 2 …so mark 2xxxp32xxxxx……
    Let’s be careful with rsk as good as dey are they are also d king of confusion…. Since d season Brighton at number 1 home as been playing 15 by number..dem cm put am for dead just to confusee BT e still played…anyways


  6. Austin Navas says:




    WK 07 2016/17.

    Meet me at 14√√ banker

    For one X 10 & 18

    this WK draw picture

    11f & 23x

    WK 07 WK number to draw




    meet me at = 47√√banker

    For one X =10 & 43

    this WK draw picture


    WK 19 WK number to draw



    WK 30

    meet me at =05√√ banker

    For one X = 10 & 13

    this WK draw picture


    WK 30 WK number to draw



    WK 33

    meet me at =11Xbanker

    for one X = 10 & 14

    this WK draw picture


    WK number to draw={33}

    WK 33


    For 3/4
    good luck

  7. Annie says:

    since WK 30 the % of the first game at the back of soccer beside super pairs to draw.ie this wk 2%= 29cbk

  8. James says:

    To add to your 33X since 2016 every week 25 minus 16 from the last draw your answer to draw in week 33

    • Kuti says:

      To help u also every week of 3’s play the % position of week of play as one banker.this week 33 % is 33banker ref week 13,week 23 and this week.

  9. plz this is 3/3 over 11,42,43, Good luck next for two banker


    i am new into pools, please I need some tutorials. thanks

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