Week 29 RSK Pool Paper: 2018 English Pools Season

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Week 29 RSK Pool Paper

Special Advance Record

Soccer Research

Capital International

Bob Morton

Cheers & Happy Forecast

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  1. I discovered this site last week and i was so happy . Thanks so much for the the RSK.please i need the one for this wk 29 thanks

  2. EMMI says:

    No papers yet

  3. Ifex says:

    Admin, the papers should be here by now.

  4. solo 1 says:

    admin I greet u am new here my banker for the week is xx42xx

  5. Bob morton says:

    Greetings House……….
    Whenever game at DEAD column on soccer enter No28 on full list in back of soccer Bank on any game on No20 on the full list.. this week is No3

  6. Moneypenney says:

    pls some one should tell me ,the Player lying down @frontpage of Bob Morton ,what number is on his jersey .

    • Tkborg connection says:

      The name of the player lying down is Lionel Scolani and is number is 02 . He was brought down by chelsea player called Maniche wearing number 07 in the picture . The tackle was deem a 50-50 challenged but it was a bad one from the chelsea player, So he was given a straight RED CARD . The match was played 2006 . West Ham Scored first by James Collins wearing number 19 , he is in the picture too but , But the player wearing number 04 Name Gabbidon and the one wearing 11 name Etherington are blocking his number but his face is showing partially . The match ended CHELSEA 4 – WEST HAM 1 . It was a match i watched so was too familiar with the picture .

      • Ochmann says:

        U are too mussshh…thx for d analysis

        • Tkborg connection says:

          Welcome Ochmann . My view of the picture movement . If u look at the hands of the Chelsea player wearing 07 , both hands are together and he is looking backward where we have just number 04 and 11 . So by hands coming together i take it as an addition which is 11 plus 04 = x15xxx .

      • The Answer has been made clear.
        The two players number involved in that tackle are dead games.
        So addition of both numbers gives a family of 9 which is being blocked by Gabbindon & Etherington.
        So 9?? pair 19?? for 1 or 2draws.
        While 2?? 7?? 11?? are not safe as well as the scoreline of the match.
        Pick the number of the 1st goal scorer.
        In my opinion,
        This Wk 29
        9xx 19xx…2/2.


  7. Oscar T says:

    Soccer tips for the pools A + B = C to draw.

    4 + 39 = 43xxx

    3 + 29 = 32xxx

    11 + 31 = 42xxx

  8. Gemezu says:

    Check Reetro Clarkson Henry”s centre, week 28 = (27) = 2+7 = 9X, THIS WEEK 29 = (46) = 4+6 = 10??

  9. Gemezu says:

    CAPITAL EDITORS PAIR, WEEK 28 = 3/31 = 3+31+1 = 35X, WEEK 29 = 3/13 = 3+13+1 =17??
    REETRO CLARKSON = 10?? PAIR 26 OR 42
    POOTEX = WEEK 28 = I = 9X, WEEK 29 =S= 19??
    BANK ON 10, 17, 19 PAIR 26 OR AND 42…

  10. Moneypenney says:

    @Admin , tis my main banker
    Capital cannot draw ,to be under the bar to draw ,
    WK27 8** 0-0
    WK28 46** 0-0
    WK29 40CBK 0-0

  11. Moneypenney says:

    @TKBOURG ,Thank U …….!!

  12. Moneypenney says:

    Thank U @TKBOURG …….!!

    • Kuti says:

      Good morning admin and the house,pls open ur capital full list game 23 that has never play draw since the season and check this out…it played in week 25 and failed in week 26 and played in week 27 and failed in week 28 so this week is no 30?,check this one too bob Morton last card has been draw and fail in every brown except week 5,so this week bob Morton last card is 19.pls let’s be very carefull with no 47 cause soccer research front page (meet me at)has been doing play to fail that’s what gave me 44xx last week but am not killing it oooh just an observertion thanks very one a friend still gave me 34 in the same formular in one of rsk paper too so let’s try 19,30,34 for this week 29.

  13. KSTAR says:

    Good day fellow Tipsters and our able Admin.

    Week 29

    21 cbk
    7 xbk
    33 xbk

    Nap above three games and recover from your past losses.

    Proof :

    For ( 21): Check soccer research page2 for scores and percentage of every wk of nine (9)
    e.g wk 9 score 1-1; %47 = 11xxxx 47xxxx
    wk 19 score 2-0 ; % 15 = 20xxxx 15xxx
    wk 29 score 2-1; % 21= 21xxx 21xxx

    For (7 & 33) check page 3 of soccer research for banker box u will see in wk5 MILLWALL letter M guided by 17xxx $ 43xxx.
    This wk29 second appearance of letter M. MIDDLESBRO guided by 7xxx & 33xxx

    Congrats in advance


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